Tweet of the Day.

Kirsten Powers gets it.  Once again, the mainstream media and left-wing blogosphere — including liberal feminists — are sexualizing a conservative female candidate.  They obsessed over Sarah Palin’s breast size, and now they are obsessing over whether Christine O’Donnell masterbates and has had sex.

Here is Powers’ tweet:

Here is a screenshot of the headline from ABC News blog linked in the tweet:

Here is the link in the tweet to, the liberal home of Glenn Greenwald (I don’t blame him for this) and others:

And in The New York Times, bastion of the liberated elites, on what subject do they start off their hit piece on O’Donnell?  You guessed it, masturbation:

In the bright light of Wednesday morning, Christine O’Donnell, whose Republican primary victory upended the calculus for future control of the United State Senate, became quickly known to Americans as the woman who once made dire warnings about the negative impact of masturbation.

Now the discussion about the candidate is all about her sex life and views of sex.  The economy? Tax policy? Terrorism?  Not relevant, they need to know if she touches herself.

Great job, feministes.  Proud of yourselves now?

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