Dick Lugar has announced that his campaign will target cell phone users browsing the internet in zip codes where Richard Mourdock events are taking place.

The targeted ads will repeat the misleading claim, already debunked by FactCheck.org, that Mourdock cheated on taxes.  This is yet another sign of Lugar desperation.

Here’s the pertinent part of the Lugar announcement today:

As Richard Mourdock fails to answer basic questions surrounding the illegal tax deductions he received for three years, Friends of Dick Lugar today launched an innovative geo-targeted mobile advertising campaign to make sure every Hoosier within the same zip code of a Mourdock campaign event has the opportunity to learn more about them.

Using advanced geo-targeting technology, cell phone network users browsing the Internet on their mobile devices within the same zip code of Mourdock campaign events will see display ads linking to the TV ad “Trust,” which explains Mourdock’s illegal tax deduction problem.

It’s not clear how the Lugar ads will work, but if they work like most online ads, it will cost Lugar money each time someone clicks on the link, which will use up the funds allotted to running ads.

I’m not suggesting that Mourdock supporters obsessively click on Lugar cell phone targeted ads near Mourdock campaign events in order to run up Lugar’s bill.  Really, I’m not.


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