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Can someone provide me with a link to Obama’s statement about the crime and murder spree in Chicago

Can someone provide me with a link to Obama’s statement about the crime and murder spree in Chicago

I’m not saying Obama hasn’t made a statement recently about the crime and murder spree in Chicago.

Murders are up 60% in the past three months, and there has been a daily rampage of shootings, including 7 shot overnight last night, and a mother and baby girl in their home the day before.

I’m not saying Obama hasn’t issued a statement about the crime and murder spree in Chicago, it’s just that Google News searches for “Obama murder Chicago,” “Obama killings Chicago,”  “Obama homicides Chicago” and “Obama shootings Chicago” don’t turn up anything, at least not recently.  A search of also turned up nothing.

Again, I’m not saying Obama hasn’t issued a statement about the crime and murder spree in Chicago, but if he did, the media has been pretty quiet about it.

So would someone help out a blogger who is short of time and needs a quick link.


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The fact you haven’t found his statement (and neither have I) is his statement.

People are SHOT in Chicago…???

But they have very strict laws. There are no guns in Chicago.

Besides, they have a wise Deemocrat Tiny Dancer mayor.

So all is well. You must have your facts wrong, Prof.

    persecutor in reply to Ragspierre. | April 13, 2012 at 11:57 am

    Hey, it could be worse–and he and Tiny Dancer sure hope it does get worse–they can’t let a good crisis go to waste!

    “Second Amendment? We don’t need no steeenkin’ Second Amendment!

      Ragspierre in reply to persecutor. | April 13, 2012 at 2:18 pm

      And, really, IF there was any kind of problem in Chicago, why, our Mushroom Media would be ALLLLLLLlllll over it with wall-to-wall coverage.

      (I just made myself giggle…)

    Hahaha! Absolutely!

senttocoventryri | April 13, 2012 at 8:37 am

Attempt to tie this to DC vs Heller and return to attacking the Supreme Court in 3..2..

It absolutely isn’t there Professor.

he’ll have something to say as soon as one is shot by a white hispanic jewish guy that looks like the son he never had …..and given the level of carnage occuring in Chicago its bound to happen

Tom Wannamaker | April 13, 2012 at 8:59 am

Professor Jacobson – I haven’t seen any comments from Obama about the Chicago crimewave … But I did see one from Rahm Emanuel recently. He’s pushing for RICO-style laws to be enacted by the Illinois legislature to help fight the gangland crime surge in Chicago Maybe there’s some Obama comments linking to Emanuel out there?

I found just the article!!!!

But it is only a local newspaper…..
…in print only….
….written in Korean…
…….found it wrapped around the fish I bought…

“Obama laments the seven shots in Chicago”

The rest of the article is about how he regrets selecting Biden as VP, blames it on alcohol induced blackout.

DocWahala, won’t be shopping for fish at Julgachi Market any time soon.


“We as a nation must search our souls as to why White-xxx are killing sons that look like me”

There you have it-

DINORightMarie | April 13, 2012 at 9:14 am

Satire is indeed a strong weapon. The digital pen is mightier than the sword…….

Keep on speaking truth, Professor!

The mayor and police chief wants the public to stand up to the gangs. With what? Rocks? Sticks? Oooh, the gangs are going to be terrified.

Nothing specifically about Obama, but Rahm is continuing Barrys’ policy of blaming his predecessor

Rahmbo talking about my City, while “not dwelling on statistics”:

“I am not happy at all with the statistics, and beyond the statistics are the human tragedies that occur, and the terror in this city,” Emanuel said at a news conference to announce investments in clean-up of the Chicago River with Gov. Pat Quinn on Goose Island.

Midwest Rhino | April 13, 2012 at 11:25 am

If Obama had a half brother, would he look like Trayvon?

I don’t know, because the media doesn’t cover his extended family much. The quote I remember was the half brother was pretty good with his fists. He was living in a hut in Kenya.

For all Obama’s fury about the poor black man, he doesn’t seem to care even about his own family. If only for PR reasons, I’d think he’d buy the guy a better place. But as with the Chicago murder spree, he prefers to ignore inconvenient problems.

But if Obama can play a role in a campaign charade with the media, he will reach out to “poor” Ms. Fluke, or the poor child Trayvon’s parents. But real compassion and action fail him.

Everything’s under control. Mayor Emanuel has convened a committee to determine if a crisis is available, Reverend Jackson has been called in to console families, Spike Lee is investigating, the New Black Panther Party has agreed to calm tensions, Reverend Sharpton is coordinating media coverage with MSNBC and the remainder of the pack, and Valerie has ordered beer for the summit. Questions should be directed to Robert Gibbs. But, thanks for asking.

johnnycab23513 | April 13, 2012 at 12:38 pm

If he said anything, it would be something about loving it and s plan comming together.

I searched the WH site & all I could find was this: President Obama Sings “Sweet Home Chicago”

#LetsMove – don’t you think – after ALL THOSE YEARS as a head politician, either one of those two nanny-staters (FLOTUS and POTUS) would have done something about the #ChicagoDepravities?

Every day, horrific crimes that make #Trayvon look like an ice cream parlor.

Sandra Fluke gets a phone call. Not the victims of horrific abuse…

No political advantage for them. So, not a peep.

Time to end this faux anger about Trayvon

“Can someone provide me with a link to Obama’s statement about the crime and murder spree in Chicago?”


“But four young Oysters hurried up,
All eager for the treat:
Their coats were brushed, their faces washed,
Their shoes were clean and neat–
And this was odd, because, you know,
They hadn’t any feet.”

Geepers, Professor, kinda hard to find something that isn’t there. My memory is that Chicago recently had the first day without a homicide, after over 460 days in a row with at least one homicide a day. But most of that is either white-on-white or black-on-black, so what’s the big deal?

Clearly, your request was motivated by a desire to make Prez 0bama look bad. “Can someone provide me with a link to Obama’s statement about the crime and murder spree in Chicago?” Could be s_dog is right, but be don’t know what’s going on in your heart.

    Obama doesn’t need any help in making himself look bad or like the fool that he is. He does perfectly well by himself with some occasional help from his supporters like Hillary Rosen.

Professor, if you want some interesting reading….in the December or January issue of Chicago magazine, the feature article is about gangs and politics in Chicago. Stunning. It will take away your breath, reading that article.

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