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Anti-Israel sentiments in higher education: Not just for the Ivy League

Anti-Israel sentiments in higher education: Not just for the Ivy League

This blog has often highlighted the pervasive anti-Israel sentiments present in the higher education system of this country.

Last month, Cornell Professor of Physics, Yuval Grossman, wrote a guest post here regarding a pro-Palestinian Cornell student group attempting to orchestrate a boycott against a Technion-Cornell collaborative project. Technion is the oldest and most prestigious technical university in Israel, and Professor Grossman rightly called the effort to boycott the project an “attempt to make Israel illegitimate.”

Not to be limited to the traditionally liberal institutions of the Ivy League, the higher education “anti-Israel syndrome” extends south to a university located in northwest Atlanta. The Kennesaw State University Sentinel recently ran an article entitled, “Israel, a beacon of humanity or propaganda?” The question was obviously rhetorical.

The article took aim at an event known as “Israel Fest,” an effort by Jewish student organizations to educate and promote awareness of Israel on campus. The article derided the event as “a bold exercise in whitewashing Israel of its horrendous human rights record.” Additionally, the article called the event a “farce,” attempting “to persuade [students] of Israel’s benevolent role in the international community.”

Beyond recognizing the blatant and one sided anti-Israel nature of the article as a whole, it is yet another poignant example of the poor state of academia today. The modern trend of higher education institutions attempting to delegitimize Israel is palpable, and stretches beyond Ivy League universities like Harvard and Cornell, into what many would consider the heart of conservative territory.

Not all is lost however. The President of Hillel, one of the Jewish student organizations that sponsors “Israel Fest,” responded to the article with a piece of her own which ran in the “Letters to the Editor” section of the Kennesaw State University Sentinel. Additionally, the comments section of the original article was almost uniformly in disagreement with the author.

However, it begs the question, why was this article even published? It seems as though, even in the collegiate media, it is the extremist few forcing their opinions on the largely silent majority. From the spires of the Ivy League to the dixie land universities, it continues to be our job to push back against false narratives attempting override fact, with one-sided and unsubstantiated opinion.

We should remember that when we’re talking about a “horrendous human rights record,” this is what the world considers “peace” for Israel:


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While it is true that America’s higher education systems have been taken over by leftist propagandists, there are some people addressing it in the public realm. Example would be Laurie Cardoza Moore 2012 NRB video
Proclaiming Justice for Nations (PJTN) See short video of her speech at UN
The Christian Voice at the U.N.

In the fall of 2011, Laurie Cardoza-Moore was appointed to the office of “Special Envoy to Middle Eastern Affairs” for the World Council of Independent Christian Churches (WCICC), representing 44 million congregants. As an integral part of her role, Ms. Cardoza Moore offers a significant onsite presence for Israel on behalf of Christians everywhere.
The Christian Voice at the U.N.

It’s true that Israel does have a horrendous human rights record. Just ask the 10,000 Jews forcibly expelled from their homes in the Gaza Strip, many of whom have still not found decent homes and jobs, and have lost all that they had. Or ask the families expelled just a few weeks ago from the house they’d purchased in Hevron, or the residents of Migron who are living under the threat of a Supreme Court order — no less — to have their homes demolished for no reason that anyone can say without laughing. Or the thousands of young Israelis who were beaten mercilessly by the Israeli police for protesting the expulsions, demolitions, etc. Or ask the rabbis who have been subjected to police interrogations for teaching Torah. Yes, Israel has a horrible human rights record — to its own people, not to the terrorists and their accomplices.

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