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This is peace

This is peace

The thousands of rockets fired from Gaza randomly into Israeli towns and cities over the past several years into Israel have caused casualties and death, but these have been kept down by defensive Israeli actions such as warning sirens and bomb shelters.

But the terror of living under random rocketing should not be underestimated.

This video of rockets fired into Ashdod, Israel, a few days ago via An Israeli Soldier’s Mother reveals some of what the Israelis live with, and why it is an unacceptable form of “peace”:

Can you imagine standing on the balcony in the middle of a city – in this case, Ashdod, on a beautiful sunny morning when air raid sirens sound. I think these guys were dumb for not going to a sheltered room. Videotaping is important to help the world understand – but imagine if one of those SIX rockets had hit their building. I don’t want to imagine that. I’m so grateful that they are alive and safe.

So, instead, I’ll ask you to imagine wherever you are at at this very moment – look out your window and imagine you were seeing and hearing what these young men saw and heard. The whole clip is one minute and 16 second long…enough time for Ashdod to be hit…six times.


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The worst part is knowing that no matter what you say or do, your hands are tied by a world “community” to defend yourself properly.

There are plenty of places in the world where despair is a way of life and there really isn’t much we can do for people who won’t take the first step in fighting their own battles. But Israel is a vital ally that is prepared and willing to not only fight their own battles, but because they share most of our values as the only democracy in the ME, are fighting our battle too.

This isn’t Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam. Israel isn’t neocon nation building foolishness. It is defending a modern and democrat nation that already exists. It is about preserving what is left of the free world. We are losing that battle here at home too.

The Israelis are a very patient, forbearing people.

And this President would deny Israel the basic human right to defend themselves from these barbarians?

We have a saying in Second Amendment circles on the use of deadly force in self defense: “Better to be judged by 12 than carried out by 6.”

Bibi, do what you have to do.

I’m “sort of” in favor of something like this happening to America. Blood needs to flow for a lot of people to be awakened from the stupor that is their lives, to be awakened from the popularity of our “American Idol” president and awakened to the travesty that is the Democratic party. I’m afraid that without violence we have lost. Not violence on our part but the violence of traditional war. We have been conquered from within. God save the USA.

    It did happen to the US. 9/11/01.

    It IS happening in America and the politicians DON’T CARE.

    I live in El Paso, Texas. It’s right across the border from Juarez, Mexico. We ROUTINELY have BULLETS from firefights landing in El Paso, and people get shot from stray bullets during the Mexican military vs cartel firefights.
    – City hall had 7 hit it last year.
    – The local rescue mission has old silos on its property that routinely get shot from Mexico by stray bullets.
    – The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) (over a MILE away from the border) had a bullet go through a window, down a hallway and embed in a doorjamb. The ONLY reason someone wasn’t KILLED was because it was during summer recess.
    – An illegal immigrant who FLED the violence in Juarez was shot in the leg by a stray Mexican military round over half a mile from the border.

    So it IS happening here (at least on a smaller scale). The politicians simply don’t care enough to actually do anything about it.

My zipcode is olympia wa.

An open letter to the parents of Rachel Corrie who live here locally. Back link to this post.

LukeHandCool | March 18, 2012 at 1:17 pm

Who knew peace could be so explosive?

I thought the election of Barack Hussein Obama was going to calm the terrorists. That his speeches would work magic to wash away their hatred. That the Nobel Peace Prize was further proof he could change history armed with nothing more than a teleprompter. That “smart diplomacy,” with those hilarious little “reset buttons” would create an instant break with the past and all the frictions.

I guess he needs a second term.

Thank you for posting this.

Not that anyone can adequately deal with this kind of terror, but the population being subjected to this terror, it cannot be emphasized too strongly, includes infants and babies, little children and teens, pregnant women, and the sick, infirm, and elderly.

There already is a “Palestinian state” in the region – it’s called Jordan. The PLO was kicked out of the country, along with many of its supporters, in September 1970 for plotting against the government which had taken them in and was supporting them.

The murderous barbarians occupying the West Bank and Gaza now are mostly the descendents of those miscreants.

Shalom berakhah ve-tovah שָׁלוֹם בְּרָכָה וְטוֹבָה
Peace,blessing, and good to ya’ll from the Sephardim in Texas. The Talmud is about shalom (peace). Avi Lipkin on Israel and peace interviewed by Dr. Manning (24 minutes)

Gosh, Professor Jacobson, I hope the Israelis don’t respond to this rain of rocketry on their population because, you know, if they did that it would be “another round in the cycle of violence that besets this war-torn land.”

You know this cycle of violence–it’s just there, like the Mediterranean Sea. No human action affects it.