The Global March on Jersusalem has been promoted for months as a means by which up to two million people would crash Israel’s borders.

Israel geared up, and issued warnings.

And waited.

And waited.

And all that showed up were a few thousand people at the Gaza border (forced back with one shot and killed).  In Lebanon, as expected, the Hezbollah-run protest took place at Beaufort Castle, away from the border.  On the West Bank, a few hundred rock throwers attacked security checkpoints, but were driven back with non-lethal methods:

Clashes broke out at Qalandia checkpoint, where demonstrators burned tires and threw stones as they advanced towards the Israeli side. Israeli soldiers fired tear-gas and stun grenades and used a wide arsenal of riot-dispersal systems, including the foul-smelling “Skunk” and “Scream,” a system that unleashes a high-frequency blast of sound.

There were modest sized protests in neighboring countries, but no March on Jerusalem.

All in all, the hype did not live up to the hype.

But the Israelis are and should remain on guard.

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