I’ll have more on this as the date approaches, but anti-Israel groups in Arab countries and the West are planning a “Global March on Jerusalem” on March 30, which will include a planned rush at Israel’s borders.

The Free Beacon has background, March Madness:

The Iranian regime is behind a global, anti-Israel protest movement that has attracted endorsements from former government officials and allies of President Barack Obama—including his longtime pastor and mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Billed as a purely peaceful protest movement, the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) is an amalgam of anti-Israel activists from across the world. On March 30, the group plans to storm Israel’s borders, likely provoking a bloody conflict….

At the center of the movement lies Iran, which has provided moral and logistical support to various anti-Israel proxy groups participating in the march, according to an Israeli intelligence group and other experts….  Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, vocally supported the march in late February. Several of his allies are working as liaisons to the movement.

Internet researchers also have discovered that “three domains of [the] march organizers [are] sharing an IP address with Ahl al-Bayt,” an Iranian propaganda outlet that regularly broadcasts Khamenei’s hardline ideology, according to the ITIC….

“Obviously Israel, like any other sovereign country, can’t permit mass infiltration of its borders, especially by terrorists and other enemies committed to its destruction,” Adam Levick, a researcher for CiF Watch, a website that combats anti-Semitism, recently wrote in an article for the Jewish Press….

“The aim of the marchers is not to promote nonviolence, but to instigate violence,” added Ben Cohen, an opinion writer for a Jewish wire service.” ….

Among the people promoting the march is the mastermind behind the Cafe Hillel bombing, who recently was released along with hundreds of other terrorists in exchange for Gilad Shalit.

CIF has more.