UNC – Chapel Hill now forbids mentioning of names:

UNC-Chapel Hill has asked WRDU 106.1, a Triangle station also known as “Rush Radio,” to stop referencing the school or the Tar Heel Sports Network during the broadcast of Rush Limbaugh’s daily talk show on the station.

The new practice, announced in a statement from the university, also prohibits mentioning Limbaugh’s show during the broadcast of UNC football and basketball games on Rush Radio.

UNC – Chapel Hill has a notorious reputation for free speech stifling codes, so I guess this is not much of a surprise.   I wonder if the sensitivity to speech it doesn’t like extends across the political spectrum?  (Obvious answer, No, because it likes the other speech.)

Forbidding the mentioning of names, sounds so Stalinist (or is it Kim Jong-Il -ish?).

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