Newt Gringrich appeared at Tulane University yesterday the day before the primary.  The overflow crowd necessitated that speakers be set up outside the lecture hall so those who could not get in could hear the speech.

When a professor complained, the volume was lowered, but that was not good enough for her, as she blasted music from her own office so that the overflow crowd could not hear Newt.

As reported by The Daily Caller (h/t conservativegram in the Tipline)

Former Speaker of the House Newt  Gingrich returned to his graduate alma mater Tulane University Friday  looking to scare up votes in advance of Saturday’s Republican Presidential  primary in Louisiana….

Tulane freshman Ambert Yeh told the Caller he was particularly impressed by  Gingrich’s pledge to meet and search for common ground with every Democratic  member of the Congress. That kind of pragmatism “appeals to our generation,” said Yeh.

But the overflow crowd outside wasn’t able to hear many such remarks by  Gingrich. As he began to speak, Led Zeppelin music began blaring from Blessey  Hall next door. Prof. [Karen] Johannesson admitted to The Daily Caller that the music  was her doing.

“That fatass. … I don’t care if he comes to talk, but I don’t think I should  have to listen.” As Gingrich emerged from the back of the Richardson Hall to  leave, Johannesson cried, “Boo! Go home!”

Great example of what is wrong on college campuses, where diversity does not include diversity of opinion, and where tolerance does not include room for conservative political views.


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