There have been numerous threats made against George Zimmerman, the shooter of Trayvon Martin.  It is unclear whether a crime was committed, and Zimmerman has not been charged.

Spike Lee’s most famous film was Do the Right Thing, about racial tensions which spill into violence:

Yet Lee did not do the right thing, and instead helped spread Zimmerman’s home address via Twitter by retweeting the address being spread by others. (image added)

What was the point of that, other than to incite violence and the type of vigilante justice of which Lee and others are accusing Zimmerman?  I think this Tweet has it right:


Zimmerman is married.  What happens when someone goes to the house and confronts his wife, relatives or neighbors?

How proud would Lee be then?

Update:  It gets even worse.  Lee retweeted the wrong address, so he might have sent people to confront a family which had nothing to do with the dispute.


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