The reason I have pushed back against the Rush boycotters has nothing to do with Rush.  Social media anonymity has allowed all sorts of implied and explicit threats against advertisers and others as a means of shutting down speech, particularly conservative speech.

Twitter is just one part of it; there’s a hunting down of people that is dangerous and frightening.  Much of it is organized and instigated, as I noted last week.  More on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, it is heartening to see a company speak out against the tactics.

Via Right Scoop:

MSCO CEO Mark Stevens told Varney and Company about the campaign against his company to stop him from advertising with Rush Limbaugh. He emphatically says that the story isn’t getting out, that this isn’t a boycott, but rather an organized terrorist action.

He describes emails from people telling him that his company is now under constant surveillance, that they are watching every move he makes. His employees, even female employees, are getting emails calling them woman haters.

When asked why he doesn’t think it’s just a bunch of unhappy people, he said “The comments are all the damn same. ‘You hate women! You hate women! You hate women!’”

Stevens is so put off by this attack that he has decided to double, even triple down on his advertisements. He said he’s even in negotiations to just run ads spots noting his support for Rush Limbaugh.


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