When it mattered in the period between the South Carolina and Florida primaries, Drudge was all anti-Newt all the time, promoting falsehoods about Newt’s history with Ronald Reagan and assorted other Romney campaign themes.

Now Drudge is being nice to Newt, with this banner linking to a post at HotAir about Newt rising 2% in the latest Gallup survey:

Newt supporters should not embrace this banner or Drudge.

Drudge merely is trying to bring Santorum down and divide the not-Romney field.  If the banner reflected a significant move in the polls, that would be one thing.  Instead, this is a case of Drudge trying to move the polls, not report the polls.

When the time comes, should Lazarus rise a third time, Drudge will be back to reburying him.

Newt has a path to victory, as he explained to Erik Erickson, and it has nothing to do with gift horses from Drudge:


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