on life from Bill Whittle included in the video tribute to Andrew Bretibart I linked to this morning, and from “Jim Treacher” of The Daily Caller:

I admired him more than I can say, and my heart goes out to him and his loved  ones. But this 21st-Century always-online Facebook/Twitter/iPhone lifestyle, for  all its wonders and all its capabilities, must be lived with a sense of caution.  You need to be able to step away from it. You need to be able to decompress. You  need to be able to say, “Oh well, I guess that dickhead will just go on being a  dickhead for another day without me.”

From tech guru Kim Komando on demands from liberals that she drop advertisers who advertise with Rush or other conservatives, or that she speak out:

We are not a part of the Rush Limbaugh controversy and we will continue to make the best decisions for our program and for whom we advertise regardless of the politics involved.

From Randall Hoven:

From “Ekulf Ardnes“:

Sandra, your rights do not extend to anything that someone else has to pay for. The vast majority of us will gladly keep our hands out of your uterus if you keep your hands out of our wallets.

As for me, the wife’s been away for awhile and the house needs to be put back in shape, or else, so I’ll give myself some good advice, and start cleaning.  Or else.

Update:  Is that a shine, or what?  Don’t say I never did anything for you, honey.  (No flashes were harmed in the taking of this photo.)


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