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“truly frightening. Truly.”

“truly frightening. Truly.”

For everyone who says that under no circumstances would they vote for a particular Republican candidate if that person were the nominee, ponder this list of potential Obama nominee replacements for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a second Obama term.

Be sure to go far down the list to some politicians who are lawyers and may seriously be considered.

Sure, you say, replacing a liberal with a liberal, no change.

Then imagine one of these people replacing Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas.  Fuzzy says “truly frightening. Truly.”


  • Remember, Prof. Juan Cole says that when they chant “Death to America” what they really mean is “could you get me a visa. I’d really like to visit Disneyland.”


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I was surprised by the high regard for CA AG Kamala Harris in the article at SCOTUS blog. When she was SF DA, her office was known for being light on criminals (even those who killed cops), and she was ripped by a state judge over a scandal at a police lab and her office’s arrogance:

Hmm… Come to think of it, she does sound like Obama’s type.

Yeah, I kinda think some of us are getting a little too het up, and forgetting who the enemy is.

Bad Luck Barry is NOW the most dictatorial president in modern times (after only Wilson).

He CANNOT be allowed a second term.

Prof, I googled and got this:

According to that it’s @RyanLizza

George H. W. Bush gave us Souter. Who would Romney give us?

Q: Does anyone know how to track a shortened Twitter link?

Robert Janicki | February 16, 2012 at 6:41 pm

Phineas, I think you answered your own question. Harris is the female version of Obama. She is a complete ideologue. She has no regard for the rule of law unless it suits her particular purpose in a specific instance. Harris’ goal is to use the justice system to advance her own political career and the liberal/progressive agenda. Her position as CA AG is just a tool for her to advance a socialist system of governance as the ideal for her vision of the greater good for mankind.

In fact, the idea of not voting if (a particular candidate) were to get the nod had crossed my mind. But, knowing that three Justices will turn 80 during our next president’s term brings renewed enthusiasm for whomever is nominated.

Speaking of scary choices, the White House mentioned the possibility of either Hillary or Larry Summers taking the reins of the World Bank next year.

Amazing – we keep flushing, yet these two keep floating back up.

    heimdall in reply to IrateNate. | February 16, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    Why the USA is supporting the likes of the World Bank, the UN, and the IMF should be the question. All these organizations are doing is propping up the unsustainable, or in the UN’s case, advocate the surrender of our sovereignty to tinpot dictators and unelected busybodies.

I wonder if Romney’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees would vary dramatically from the list you linked to.

Everything about a 2nd Obama term is frightening!

    Joy in reply to tsr. | February 16, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    “Everything about a 2nd Obama term is frightening!”

    We are not alone in this fear……..

    “Israelis start thinking about heading to shelters, the question in their minds is: once the assault on their nation begins, will the West come to their aid?”

      Milwaukee in reply to Joy. | February 17, 2012 at 12:41 am

      Were I in Israel, I would not count on the support of the United States. Given the current government here, they should probably expect that the administration of President Barack Husein 0bama will hinder their defense, while providing aid and succor to those who attack them. Grim. Really Grim. Good thing the God of Creation remembers His promises.

9thDistrictNeighbor | February 16, 2012 at 7:12 pm

Two 9th District points–

Regarding Marcy Kaptur and Kucinich–I grew up in the 9th District of Ohio. The way it has been redrawn still favors Toledo as the gravitational pull of the area. Considering the still tremendous power of auto unions, Kaptur will most likely sail to victory. Toledo is very small-c-conservative in that they don’t change course on their voyage easily and the majority of voters tend to pull the lever for whomever they’ve always pulled the lever for–or whomever they’re told to vote for. The more interesting question is whether Joe the Plumber will win the Republican nod for the same district, but I don’t know how many are on that line.

Regarding Obama nominees…I recently moved from Illinois’ 9th District (Jan Schakowsky-Communist), to the Tenth District (Bob Dold–Mushy Moderate), only to be redistricted back to the 9th. My only shot at a conservative candidate is the primary. What good would it do to vote for an unpalatable candidate in this lousy state? I voted for Alan Keyes, for crying out loud, even had a sign out in the front yard for him. If the GOP nominates a mushy Massachusetts moderate, why should I even bother? I’ve had the dulcet tones of Vera Lynn floating through my mind, and if it’s a Romney/Barry contest, I’d much rather be Slim Pickens riding that missile to glory than a drone in the next-in-line GOP tweak-around-the-edges universe; I’d seriously consider voting for some third party candidate. I am so disenfranchised….

Truly frightening, yes. This feels like negotiation at gunpoint. Take a look at Romney’s judicial appointments. I truly don’t think he cares what ends up on the SCt. I truly don’t think he cares about anything at all except his personal destiny. He will pay back political favors and do what is expedient.

    Uncle Samuel in reply to janitor. | February 16, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    Absolutely correct. This gives us an insight into the RINO mindset. They don’t really care any more about America or truth, justice, human rights than the left.

    In fact, some say they are willing to lose this election so the economy problems won’t fall on their heads. Worse, they aren’t willing to deal with the real problems, the FED, the dollar, the Soros et al problem.

    Or deal with their own dirty, lying, self-gratifying con game. They’ve all got a good gig going on, sitting around in the DC Jacuzzi…soaking the taxpayer, draining the nation’s resources, letting the enemy in the gates.

    Did you know that 4500 Iranians are scheduled to come into the US on ‘diversity visas’ this year? Isn’t that typical of the liberal insanity that rules our nation?

    You are wasting your time. That argument doesn’t register with those who insist that there are two distinctly separate parties. Romney and Gingrich are on board with the very thing that will repeal our constitution: the individual mandate. What difference will it make who is on the Supreme Court once the constitution is officially repealed? I’ll bet that if the Supreme Court find ObamaCare/RombamaCare unconstitutional, Obama will ignore the ruling and Congress will do nothing about it. Mark my word.

      Technically the constitution does not give the supreme court the power to overturn an act of congress. It is very vague on what they actually have power over. The only reason why they have the supposed veto power today is that nobody challenges them when they pull magical new rights out of clauses in the constitution that do not exist or find new authority under the commerce clause et al.

      We need a conservative that will go against liberal precedents set by previous courts. Our side seems to only want to push it to the middle, while theirs always wants to push it left.

        One thing we DO know is that the constitution did not create three separate but EQUAL branches. The power was placed with Congress tempered by various checks and balances. Now we are close to completely surrendering, thanks largely to a hopelessly corrupt and cowed Congress, all power to the Executive Branch. Expediency of dictatorship is now popular with voters. We may very well live to see our freedom lost to thunderous applause. Possibly with Republicans in charge of everything again as they were under Bush.

          Ragspierre in reply to Pasadena Phil. | February 16, 2012 at 9:02 pm

          Unusually stupid, Filly. The branches were “checks and balances”, each to the others.

          They were co-equal WRT POWER, but not CAPACITY TO ACT. That is, the judiciary was most limited in terms of the scope of the use of its power.

          The Executive…the branch that EXECUTES (an action verb)…had considerable power AND SCOPE to act. Hence, the various POWERS under the POTUS to direct the military, the several departments, etc. But the Legislative AND the Judiciary have the POWER to say “NO”.

          The Legislative branch had the power AND SCOPE to DIRECT the Executive, but very little power to actually DO anything.

          And, at no time, did the Constitution provide for an abdication of the roles of the several branches. Hence, any one could…and has…at times exceed its SCOPE of permissible action.

          One thing that I do admire about Glenn Beck’s books are the illustrations. In one of them, he has the three headed eagle representing the three branches of our government comparing them from when they first existed in the founding to how they are now. It is interesting that in the first photo congress has the largest head followed by the presidency and a small offshoot head was the judiciary.

          The second picture representing how it is today has the presidency’s head about as large as the now huge judiciary head with the head of congress ripped off and in the president’s mouth. Very telling with how congress is acting today. There is no leadership there for anything.

      Hope Change in reply to Pasadena Phil. | February 16, 2012 at 11:09 pm

      aaaaand in this corner, Pasadena Phil, mischaracterizing Newt’s position. as usual.


      “THE BUSINESS OF GOING GREEN”  –  March 20, 2008  – National Constitution Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 1:22:02

You silly people running around all worried about the Supreme Court. Ha! It will not make any difference. By the end of his second term while he is appointing himself Dear Leader For Life the Supremes will only be remembered as a singing group. Doo-wop, Doo-wop, Doo-wop.

Besides getting rid of the Judicial and Legislative branches of government will save bunches of money and help with the 42.7% unemployment rate. Besides they aren’t union anyway so who cares.

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | February 16, 2012 at 8:00 pm

I think this line electoral thinking, or rethinking of one’s votes for a particular candidate, should have been stated in place, before the Nov 2008 Presidential election of Obama, and not after the damagae has already been done.

I will never vote for Romney, period, under any circumstance, as he is just as liberal and dangerous as Obama. They are both radically liberal in one form or another.

Only a conservative, who is as close to Ronald Reagan as we can get, will suffice. Either Newt or Santorum will be acceptable, but not Romney.

Ultimately, this comes down to the dangers of what consequences elections can have in a Free Democratic Representative Republic, when the people choose to be led by the media, and other hearsay outlets, instead of being independent, knowledgeable, and intelligent enough to know who not to vote for.. In other words, who would in their right mind, ever vote for an Anti-American Liberal Socialist-Marxist bent on the intentional destruction of their own country, economically, politically, socially, and militarily for their national leader, is beyond all comprehension and logic and common sense. Unfortunately, they still have not learned yet, the extent and results of Obama’s goals and agenda that lay in store for America and our allies like Israel and the free western world.

Complacency, Ignorance, and Indifference, breeds Apathy and Stupidity, then Disaster.

    Re “I think this line electoral thinking, or rethinking of one’s votes for a particular candidate, should have been stated in place, before the Nov 2008 Presidential election of Obama, and not after the damage has already been done.”

    I beg to differ with you……this has been not only stated, but shouted, from the rooftops by many conservatives since long before 2008.

    What led us here is that not enough people listened because of what you so well described as “Complacency, Ignorance, and Indifference”

I too will not vote for Romney under any circumstance.


    Go listen to Andrew Brietbart’s speech at CPAC on this topic.

    I carry no water for Romney – he is a very flawed candidate and would be greatly surprised if he made a good president. I would much rather Mrs Palin were running. But she is not, alas.

    But Good God, man, do you have any idea the danger we are in if Obama is reelected by hook or by crook?

    This nation will CEASE TO EXIST as presently constituted if Obama wins.

    That is the plain truth. These are NOT ordinary times with the normal back and forth of two parties vying for the White House. The enemy is not at the gate – he is in the Oval Office.

    The perfect must not be the enemy of the good.

    I will douse myself in gasoline (assuming that I can still afford it) light myself on fire, roll over broken glass, swim through a fryolator and make love to Rose O’Donnell in order to vote for Willard if he is the nominee. I will do the same for Newt or Santorum or even Paul.

    Obama MUST be defeated.

      Henry Hawkins in reply to turfmann. | February 17, 2012 at 5:26 pm

      Not me. I will write in William A. Jacobson if Romney’s the nominee. But by all means, continue to signal all the political operatives out there that you’ll be happy to accept Romney if you have to. Better they know that now so they can better undermine all the other candidates.

Prof J- your contraception post was “most viewed” in the last 24 hrs on Real Clear Politics this afternoon.

Raggie, you obviously haven’t read any of Mark Levin’s books. I strongly recommend that you read his latest where he makes the very point I just made. The power rests with Congress with the judiciary being the weakest branch.

This is the extent of my arguing with you. Your ego is completely out of control as are your ad hominems. Get a life.

I’ve had several frustrations with the Republican Primary process this year, as well as in 2008 and 2010.

One – I moped for days when Sarah Palin announced she would not be running in the opening half hour of the October 5 show.

I downloaded that episode MP3 from the levin archives here

What had been important to me in the 2008 process was to stand on principle and choose the candidate best fitting my decision criteria.

What should be very apparent to all interested voters this year is

* The “Republican Field” has degenerated into a personality cult contest.

In October in the 2010 Election Dick Morris in particular was trying to push Republican Powers to understand a major win in the House and the Senate was possible.

My reference point …Then…was the 1894 House Election which had a turnover of 126 seats

We will need a Congress resembling the results of,_1894

My starting suggestion to anyone interested is to download and replay the October 5 announcrment …several times.

In the 2004 Illinois Senate Election someone released Court sealed documents of Jack Ryan’s divorce proceeding. The Illinois GOP forced Ryan out. The one election Obama lost badly he ran against a real African-American. There was again an undercurrent of legal action in the 2008 Election …In the case of whether McCain satisfied the 1875 Supreme Court “Natural Born Citizen” Constitutional Requirement – Minor v Happersett

I don’t want to reopen old wounds, either there OR the ability of a current Republican Candidate to outdo the Democrats at Mud-on-the-wall tactics.

I very much DO want the “Republican Establishment’ to understand I want Jim Demint conservatism NOT John Sunnunu lip service.

The Whig Party of 1850 disappeared, to be replaced by the Republican Party.

I despise the Romney2012 campaign.

I’m [substantially] aware of the unintended consequences of an Obama2012 win,

We need Conservative Strategists.

We need Conservatives who can do for Conservative Government what John Boyd did for the US Military and
“Get Inside Their Decision Cycle” Logic –

    Hope Change in reply to kobayashi. | February 16, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    kobayashi — I know what you mean.

    I know I say this lot, but I hate to see needless suffering. If you want something you can get behind and be excited about, the outline of the strategy is in this speech: “2012: VICTORY OR DEATH.”

    It’s already happening. Romney continues to spend on attack ads against Newt. Newt is the threat and they know it.

    John Boyd. A genius, it seems to me. He won the dog fights by disrupting the pattern of the other pilot and, as you say, getting inside it. It’s being used as a basis for quality improvement methods now, I think…? Amazing guy.

    Also a good analogy for what we’re going to do this fall. Newt is like that. He sees the pattern, sees how to disrupt it.

For everyone who says that under no circumstances would they vote for a particular Republican candidate if that person were the nominee

You can’t fool me professor, I’m too ignorant. In my own way, I’m working very hard to avoid that well known definition of insanity, mumbling repeatedly to myself that I shouldn’t expect any change if I do that again.

Thoroughly disgusted with Bush 43’s liberal bent, even more discouraged by McCain and now the Republican Party offers me a choice of the liberal Manic Romney and a younger, big-government version of Pat Buchanan. Through my votes, I have brought this country where it is today.

No more professor, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa, it is time for me to lift the veil.

    Milwaukee in reply to MSO. | February 17, 2012 at 12:51 am

    So who is a Republican? Is Lisa Murkowski? She’s in the Republican Caucus in the United States Senate. Is Romney really a Republican, or is he a country-club-good-ole-boy who needed some space, and couldn’t find it in the Democratic Party. His dad, from whom he claims he learned his values, was a Democrat. A liberal one at that.

    A Romney presidency will give cover to RINO Republicans to further abuse the system.

StrangernFiction | February 16, 2012 at 10:12 pm

I refuse to be blackmailed any longer by the GOP establishment and I’ll let the D’s take the rap for having an utterly shameless statist in the White House. In other words I will not be voting for Mutt.

I agree, I will vote for ANY candidate at this point. This is very hard to say and it makes me feel like throwing up, but at this point I would vote for Hillary if she was a choice.

the problem is that the Republicans are letting Obama turn this country into a Venezuela-style “democracy”. I wish I couldn’t believe how they’ve rolled over on the “recess” appointments issue. Obama will keep expanding the power of the executive branch until someone stops him. In other words, he wiil do it without end. With a corrupt media to back him every step of the way, there is no obvious end to how far he can push the limits.

    Hope Change in reply to OCBill. | February 16, 2012 at 11:57 pm

    but isn’t that that the point, OCBill?

    It’s not just Obama. It’s the courts. It’s the media. It’s the universities. We need someone who gets it and will tell it like it is to the Establishment in BOTH parties.

    And I think we need to show more resolve. We can’t let freedom disappear on our watch.

    Support Newt? — go sign up at Newt’s Network.

    Then leave a comment at the Public Square telling them you’re new, so someone from your state can get in touch with you.

      I’ve been supporting Newt and continue to do so. Me and my credit card and our bad grammar just chipped in a few days ago. Once I’m into my next billing period, I plan to kick in another $100.

        Hope Change in reply to OCBill. | February 19, 2012 at 1:23 am

        Hi OCBill —

        Thanks for responding. I’m sending you Newt Team appreciation greetings right now.

        I don’t get the reference to bad grammar, though.

Raquel Pinkbullet | February 17, 2012 at 12:44 am

One of the names on the list Karla Harris (the current AG of CA) is very dangerous. She was the VERY VERY radical DA of SF, she was considered so radical that NOT one law enforcement agency/law enforcement group endorsed her in her run for AG.
Just the thought of her being appointed to the SCOTUS has convinced me to vote for Mittens (if he is the nominee).

After sleeping on it overnight – I don’t know what is more frightening, Obama, Romney (if he is the establishement’s chosen one) or the legislators, the present batch and those who have created such a self-serving lunatic cabal.

But this administration is its own caricature. … from Obama to Kevin Jennings….and then there is Panetta, what can you say about a man who, coming out of the situation room just after Bin Laden was [allegedly] killed, and immediately began talking to the press…. and his first remarks were about who would play him in the movie about the incident. Arrested adolescent narcissism seems to characterize this administration. I’ve dubbed it the Lady GaGa administration.

After I told a friend that I’d re-registered as an independent in disgust over the primary and also told him if Romney were the nominee I’d sit at home on November, he said,”I can get you to vote for Romney with just three words.”

I said, “I doubt that.”

He replied, “Try these on for size – Justice Eric Holder.”

I have to admit, he’s got a point.

    Hope Change in reply to Jim. | February 19, 2012 at 1:32 am

    I hear you, Jim. I hear you, I hear you, I hear you.

    And it’s this way year after year. Decade after decade. I cannot wait to get out of this box.

    These unspeakable unprintable scoundrels think they own us.

    I used to think they were stupid or incompetent. now i think they think we’re stupid. I don’t think they are acting in good faith.

    this is how the establishment sobs do it, every time. Because although they are incompetent, flaccid, useless, dishonest unprintable, the other guys are worse.

    If the Republican Establishment were worth the powder it takes to blow them all to unspeakable unprintable, you wouldn’t have to worry about a SCT Holder no matter WHO WAS PRESIDENT.

    And yet we are blackmailed in this way.

    this is why when Newt said a the end of his 2012 CPAC speech, we have to teach the republican establishment a lesson, I say, yes, yea, why yes, we do.

For those going apoplectic over those who will not vote for Romney, saying you will vote for Romney if you have to, even if you cannot stand him, only signals the GOP estasblishment that they can ignore any support won by Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul, and continue to shill and support Romney by undermining everyone else. Political operatives follow this blog and others, including comment sections.

If you intend to vote for Romney if you have to, fine, just stop saying it out loud if you’d rather have Santorum, Gingrich, or Paul. If you want Romney out, post you’ll never vote for him no matter what.

OK, would the last LI reader to see this post notify the professor and have him burn it?

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