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Those kulaks sure are rooting for failure

Those kulaks sure are rooting for failure

Or they simply may be economically rational people.  Either way, it’s revolting.

From reader Jeff, taken in Bradenton, Florida:


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Somebody on the Romney staff needs to hire the writer, STAT…

This is a sad reality for millions like me who have been long term unemployed and have little hope of finding a job this year. Guess I will be out mowing lawns and landscaping again.

    DINORightMarie in reply to wodiej. | February 4, 2012 at 8:42 am

    I’m in the same boat as you. All the more reason to work hard to elect conservatives to the House and Senate seats that are open, and ensure a Republican president is elected – so the Conservative Congress can get the bills they pass SIGNED!!!

    If it’s Romney, we MUST hold him to his promise to repeal ObamaCare, as well as eliminate Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley, just to get started!

    I don’t hold any hopes that Willard Mittens is a Conservative; but if we get the best in Congress, and they pass the legislation we have been CRYING out for them to pass, then we have a start.

    This will NOT end if a Republican is elected in 2012. This is just the beginning of a long, hard process to dismantle leviathan.

    It can be done – it MUST be done! I hope and pray Newt (or even Santorum, by a long shot) gets the nomination, as I believe them to be real Conservatives. But I believe what Newt says about election night will be true, whoever the Republican nominee is, should he win: the country will IMMEDIATELY start to really recover, hiring will increase, jobs will be created again.

    It will just take more effort and diligence if it’s squish Mitt.

    Hang in there – there is REAL HOPE ahead!

      GrumpyOne in reply to DINORightMarie. | February 4, 2012 at 11:14 am

      During my working career I experienced several episodes of long unemployment. One thing I learned over that time is that in the long term, Republicans are not necessarily your friend as they were and still are champions of H-1B visas, were soft on illegal immigration (in sympathy with the National Chamber of Commerce promoting cheap labor etc.)

      But, I have never witnessed the wholesale assault against business as has occurred over the past three years which to me has been unadulterated efforts to dismantle our way of life as we have known it.

      This time will pass and I have good confidence in Romney’s ability to use “big picture” tactics to restore what once was. Hopefully the current haggling will come to an end so that we all can focus on the mission ahead… Evict Obama in November! That’s the first step…

Subotai Bahadur | February 4, 2012 at 8:47 am

Given that the Institutional Republicans are devoted to nominating Romney and then losing the election; I have to note what happened to the Kulaks.

Subotai Bahadur

    Doug Wright in reply to Subotai Bahadur. | February 4, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    Excellent! Because of that, a place has been reserved just for you in the next “Re-Education Camp” roster starting on November 1 this year.

    OBTW, the word just came down: Any more of this “free thinking” and elections will not be held this year since we’ll not be worthy of deserving the chance to vote for The Won One and his minions.


Went back and read your post from 2009. Excellent points. There was much talk about going John Galt a year or so back. Not sure how many people have the savings/means to sit idle. I own a business that operates on a thin margin, so I have to keep the gears turning.

One thing I will say about Obama is that I am a much better businessman than I was when he took office. I’ve had to become leaner than I ever dreamed I could become in order to compete and survive (thrive won’t come until The One is gone). I am holding back on expenditures, not spitefully, but fearfully. Spending money on landscaping that may be needed to meet payroll next month doesn’t make sense. As much as I’d like to dress up my facility’s appearance, I have to steer the funds toward the immediate need rather than invest in the the future need (just one of 11,398 examples I could give).

This bumper sticker message could be taken a couple of ways. One is that of going John Galt, and holding out until The One is gone. The other is that expansion of business is impossible until the anti-capitalists are out of power. Either way, the reality is that the current administration’s economic policy is one that results in contraction of economic activity, not expansion.

Logic, history, and current readings of economic indicators all point to that reality, yet the “smartest” President and his advisers cannot comprehend that their policies are wrong and counter-productive to the general welfare of the United States. Since they are content to stay the course, it makes one wonder what the goal is.

If one believes that business is bad, and businesspeople are evil (except for those who fund you), then less business is a good thing. Once we’re all government employees, there won’t be any unemployment – I spent some time in E. Germany, where it was illegal to not have a job. And there was no support network or unemployment benefits, because if you didn’t have a job, you were a parasite on society and deserved nothing.

The saying I heard was: “It is better to be in Capitalism without money, than Communism without friends”. Which speaks volumes about how Capitalism takes care of the underclass, and the only way to survive in Communism is through connections (aka corruption).

This post is very interesting b/c I woke up this morning thinking of a general strike, as it were (non-union and union) of the working people of America who make up half the population taking a DAY OFF and calling it “Entitlement day.” Maybe that would get the attention of our redistributor-in-chief that we are SICK AND TIRED of paying for people to sit and not try to help themselves.We are working for OUR existence, not everyone else’s. Saw a great show today on Neil Cavuto where the one economist who grew up in Harlem remembers his mom going out and working 2 jobs to have food on the table and raise her kids, while the person in the house next door collected food stamps and welfare and said it was not her goal to get job, the government would ‘take care of her.’ She had the same things for FREE. What is her motivation to do anything else??

I am 100% for helping the elderly, sick and disabled who cannot hold down a job or are too old. Its the people sitting on their government money HAVING MORE THAN WE DO FOR FREE (!) that boils my egg daily. When you see someone on the news crying how she has no money while she stands there with her gold hoop earrings and down jacket w/her nails done and we are struggling the fill the gas tank, you say “Enough is enough!” I think Newt would do entitlement reform-Romney, no way. It is the great unwashed masses he does not want to dirty his hands on.
What do you think about a workers of American day off, an Entitlement day???? Maybe the Tea Party will get something like this going. Hit the government in the pocketbook and remind them WHY MAKES THE MONEY THAT FUELS THE ECONOMY.

Sorry, that should be WHO makes the money. So mad I can’t type today.

LOL! Love it!

Those kulaks must feel like they’re Mr. Douglas living on the set of “Green Acres.”

There’s Mr. Kimball, Mr. Haney, Fred Ziffel … collectively known as the Obama administration.

Joseph Farnsworth | February 4, 2012 at 1:41 pm

The revisionist Kulaks must be punished. There must be a reason for the current economic malaise. As noted by David Aronovitch in the VOODOO HERESIES, I think it is not only foot-dragging but intentional sabotage. As Comrade Joe said: “If they do not confess, BEAT THEM HARDER!”

A daughter who was laid off countered with: “I can’t wait for November 7 for someone to hire me,” after countless interviews and always being told that she is overqualified. One HR person said she wouldn’t hire her because it would make others in the department “feel bad.” How about that one? All she wants is a job!