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Things from weekend

Things from weekend

Just a few things you may want to take a look at:


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So that distant fourth place finish in NV was a real boost to Santorum’s campaign?

Obama: I’m getting ‘better as time goes on’ at being president

During an interview that aired Monday on NBC’s “Today” show, President Obama said that he gets “better as time goes on” at his job and that he believes the grassroots movement that propelled him to victory in 2008 will help him win a second term. “What’s frustrated people is that I’ve not been able to implement every aspect of what I said in 2008. Well, it turns out our Founders designed a system that makes it more difficult to bring about change than I would like sometimes. But what we have been able to do is move in the right direction,” Obama said.

Here’s an interesting tid bit from another conservative blog.

Rick Santorum is going to blow this race for conservatives. This guy has NO chance. I think the only conservatives voting for him are the ones that never leave their conservative “comfort zones” wherever they live in the nation.

    Astroman in reply to ncmont. | February 6, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Here is the reality. Santorum has won as many states as Newt has. Newt had a ton of momentum coming out of SC, and a lead in FL, and he blew it because he couldn’t even turn in a decent debate performance when it mattered. Newt’s already had two bites at the apple, and I don’t see him getting a third.

    Here is another hard piece of reality. There are more conservatives who will NOT vote for Newt than there are for Santorum, meaning that if anyone is a better consolidator of the not-Romney vote, it would be Santorum – Santorum has a higher ceiling.

      Snorkdoodle Whizbang in reply to Astroman. | February 6, 2012 at 12:43 pm

      “There are more conservatives who will NOT vote for Newt than there are for Santorum…”

      I don’t know, Astroman… lets wait until Santorum has had his turn in the barrel. It’s looking like the Romney slime machine is warming back up and it has Rick Santorum in its sights. We’ll just have to see how he looks after he’s been roughed up a bit.

        If it’s Santorum’s turn to take a pounding, that must mean he is now the real threat for Romney. Time for Newt to step down and throw his support behind Santorum. That’s this blog’s official reasoning, after all.

        The fact is, it would be impossible for Santorum to have a worse response to attack ads than Newt’s responses thus far.

          Say_What in reply to Astroman. | February 6, 2012 at 3:23 pm

          The truth is the only reason the Rombots are after Santorum is because of the Missouri Non-Binding Primary, and Newts not on the ballot there but your boy is so he gets the beating by default.

          I gotta say you made me laugh when you compare the Iowa Caucus to Newt’s grand slam Primary win in SC, nice try but no cigar.

Mr. Jacobson said, “Santorum’s Big Government Problem. A lot of people are jumping on the Santorum bandwagon, and maybe — just maybe — that’s better than the Romney bandwagon, but he is not a small government guy.”

Maybe, just maybe?! Are you really trying to tell me that Santorum is about the same as Romney?! Ah, that laughable Newt spin, it is why I come here.

Back to reality now. Of all the not-Romneys, Newt is the most Romney-like: Newt was for global warming, for the healthcare mandate, etc.

So if you don’t like Santorum, great, I’m not thrilled with him either, but I chuckle when you try to tell me Santorum is more Romney-like than Newt.

StrangernFiction | February 6, 2012 at 12:15 pm

But just remember, Obama is “well-meaning.”

There’s no place like home, Obama is well-meaning, there’s no place like home, Obama is well-meaning………….