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The new math

The new math

Obama wins even when he doesn’t win, because the MSM cheats, and that’s a charitable way of putting it:

When is a tie not a tie?  And when is a tie-breaker not a tie-breaker?  When our friends in the liberal media are reporting on Obama….

The Romneys win on a comparison based on Gross Income; the Romneys still win if we allow the Obama’s AGI adjustment for $18,000 of taxes but disallow the voluntary, tax favored self-serving retirement savings.

Elsewhere in this absurdity we call 2012:


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DINORightMarie | February 18, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Elsewhere in this absurdity we call 2012:

And it is only February 18th! Praying so much for all the pieces to fall into place to get Obama out of office – and flip the Senate.

No bird blood for wind!

What makes the charity calculation even better is that the Obama’s only look better because they put $49,000 into their retirement plan

And OMG thank you for the O’Jays video. Love, love love it. and the dancers! and the darling fashions! And Soul Train! (smile!)

I never understood the problem with Newt’s statement about Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal. First, any program with the same goals as Medicare is social engineering. Medicare was created by lefty types, so it is left-wing social engineering. Logically then, Paul Ryan’s proposal – that has the same goals – is right-wing social engineering. I am all in favor of Medicare, but I do not like the ever tightening grip of control by the Federal Government. Mr Ryan’s proposal clearly would provide better service for less money by reducing the Federal controls.

    Windy City Commentary in reply to BillyTex. | February 19, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    But St. Paul Ryan said that “with friends like Newt who needs enemies”. Oh be still my heart, if only St. Paul Ryan had run this year, all the problems of the union would simply dissolve. If only a Paul Ryan/ Mitch Daniels ticket could emerge, all social issues would just disappear and we could finally focus on dollars and cents. Life would be as clean as an Excel Spreadsheet. Oh what could have been. I heart Paul Ryan. I heart Mitch Daniels, who else to bring such a wild state of corn ears and steel factories back under control. I bet Mitch taught Peyton Manning how to throw a spiral, oh Indiana, why must you keep such greatness from gracing the nation.

Suppose President Obama’s enforce-o-phobia was viewed in the extreme. Suppose that he had no intention of actually taking the job seriously, but just took the job for the salary, partying with celebrities, exotic travel, vacation time for the family, and a guaranteed tee time.

Is not doing the job of President a high crime or a misdemeanor? Is Congress permitted to impeach and convict the President just because they have a good argument and the votes? Apparently not, otherwise signing statements would not be tolerated.

President Obama does not wish to enforce laws like DOMA. Is this like issuing a signing statement after the fact?

“Newt never said the Ryan Plan was social engineering. He didn’t. It’s one of the great mysteries to me how Newt never successfully pushed back against this false meme. (h/t @backyardconserv)”
And here’s the proof:

In the meantime, Romney is still on his game-plan – lies and dirty politics.

His new ads claim Newt supported China’s forced abortions and one-child policy.

Newt is threatening to sue any TV station that runs the ads.

thank you for the poltijim link on what Gingrich said about Ryan’s plan.

And Romney and his false ads about Gingrich and china’s one child policy-does he not realize the repercussions of “thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor”?? He is one of the most dirty playing, power hungry, elitist politicians I’ve ever seen.

I credit Gov. Sarah Palin for having the bold courage to bring this kind of corruption and establishment power to the forefront. The GOP has enslaved conservatives just like the Dems have enslaved liberals with welfare and gov’t dependency. We have probably not really voted for a Republican for decades. The establishment picks the nominee and you take it or leave it. That is not having a voice when given no choice. She has exposed the establishment and their corruption and power. They are no more conservative than a donkey’s butt.

Tax foundation rips Santorum’s plan……uhm, this sounds like picking winners and losers Santorum!

I leave 20 comments per month (all the NYT will allow for free to calmly point out the obvious bias and complete falsehoods of their daily emissions. Occasionally their juiced-up readers will admit how off they are, more often than not they respond with the nasty ad-hominem attacks that Obama desires. It’s a fun way to make your point, I highly recommend it!

The WSJ has been covering the grisly windmill scene for years, barely noticed in the lovely green meadows of utopia.