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Our energy plan is right on track

Our energy plan is right on track

Windmills are a centerpiece of Obama’s energy plans for the nation.

We’ve already documented how wind power subsidies take from the windless to give to the winded, and some problems when the wind blows too much.

Here’s another, from Britain, regarding noise pollution:

Wind turbines are being turned off during high winds because they are too noisy.

Documents from local authorities show that 269 complaints were received about noise from the rotating blades in the past three  years. Some came from residents living up to three miles away.

In nearly half of these cases, operators  switched turbines off or reduced their speed.

This is just a minor aberration.  We’re still on track with our high speed train, water conservation and LED light bulb and incandescent phase out plans.


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Just put the wind turbines on top of the high-speed trains. At those speeds, they should generate more than enough reliable wind power to run the trains, and the trains are already noisy. Problem solved!

“Our energy plan is right on track”

That track is a high-speed rail to total energy dependence.

There is also the matter of several hundred thousand birds (including endangered species, in America alone) who annually fail to run the windmill gauntlet. They could redesign the generators, but they will not, and the “environmentalists” are overjoyed with their self-deception of “green” energy. The industries, with support from “environmentalists”, chose to follow the path of least resistance and they leave a progress black mark on the landscape with only a marginal return on investment to the market they serve.

So, we have technology to produce energy which is, by its nature and design, only suitable for limited, circumstantial use. The recovery of natural resources and deployment of this technology leaves and introduces a progressive hazard to both the environment and people. It’s a manufactured problem awaiting an artificially profitable solution.

Put ’em in congress. They will spin forever with all of that wind going through the halls of the Capitol.

Great idea about the high speed trains. Or maybe reverse engineer and install them as propulsion units on a fleet of huge passenger blimps [upper surfaces constructed from curved solar panels] to ply back and forth between major cities during daylight hours to relieve freeway congestion.

That only leaves those huge, skinny long metal poles to recycle. OK, I did the hard part. Somebody else can worry about them. Or maybe the occupods could use them?