I have received numerous e-mails and comments regarding Ted Cruz, running for the Republican nomination for Senate in Texas.  (added)  Since we’re searching for candidates for Operation Counterweight, Cruz is just one of a number of candidates brought to my attention, in addition to Richard Mourdock in Indiana.

Here’s the most recent e-mail, from reader Pat:

This may not be as important as targeting a blue state race, but I will still suggest the Texas Senate race to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison (thank heavens she’s leaving!).

I would suggest Ted Cruz.  http://www.tedcruz.org/home/

He appears to be the best conservative choice (and he can actually talk decently!).  Cruz has been busy working the grassroots all over the state, and it’s having an effect as he has more contributors than other candidates.

Right now David Dewhurst is likely to win because of name recognition and large money donors, but he’s a major RINO.

Ted Cruz has much lower name recognition in the state thus far. Dewhurst has been around for years.  Although, the Conservative Senatorial Committee is starting to run short ads in Texas for Cruz.

Dewhurst has started running ads in Texas with Mike Huckabee as his spokesman (don’t let Washington insiders tell you who to vote for, Dewhurst is the real conservative), besides his other ads.

We need as many conservatives in the Senate as possible and Dewhurst isn’t one, not at all.

However, whatever you decide, still love your blog!

Turning a Republican seat conservative is important too. In fact, if it’s a safe Republican seat then there is all the more reason to push for the most conservative, it’s essentially no lose. But I don’t know enough about the Texas Senate race. Who is the Democrat likely to be, and how safe is the seat for a Republican? Is Cruz more or less electable than Dewhurst, and how RINO is Dewhurst?

I know we have a lot of readers from Texas, so tell me about Ted Cruz.


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