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Not the solution

Not the solution

This driver is part of the problem.

More photos just downloaded by DINORightMarie, of a vehicle in Winchester, VA:



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“It appears Rick Santorum is running against Mr. Gingrich to support Mr. Romney but, in reality, is not running for president himself. The former Pennsylvania senator has absolutely no chance of winning. Mr. Santorum likely could become this election’s H. Ross Perot, who split the ticket in 1992 and 1996, allowing Bill Clinton to win two terms. Hoping to get a seat in the Romney administration likely will keep Mr. Santorum in the primaries because the more votes he takes from Mr. Gingrich, the more he helps Mr. Romney, whom he endorsed in 2008.”

    William A. Jacobson in reply to NewtCerto. | February 7, 2012 at 9:20 am

    While there’s no “on topic” rule, this bumper sticker post does seem like an odd place for Santorum posts!

“I’m not against Santorum.  I’m against the sanctimonious Christian image his supporters are trying to force on me that doesn’t match facts that a tiny bit of research and objectivity can uncover.”

“What really got my goat last week was Michelle Malkin’s characterization that somehow Santorum had acquitted himself more honestly and maturely in the campaign.  So I went and checked the first 5 debates.  Go read them or watch them yourself.

Here is the score:


Senator Santorum – Attacked Other Candidates -12

Speaker Gingrich – Attacked Other Candidates – 0

Senator Santorum – Combative With Other Candidates – 4
Speaker Gingrich – Combative With Other Candidates – 0

Senator Santorum – Demeaned Other Candidates – 3
Speaker Gingrich – Demeaned Other Candidates – 0

Senator Santorum – Didn’t Take Media Bait to Attack Opponent – 0
Speaker Gingrich – Didn’t Take Media Bait to Attack Opponent – 7

Senator Santorum – Complimented or Acknowledged Good Position of Other Opponent -6
(all but one of those was for Newt Gingrich)

Speaker Gingrich – Complimented or Acknowledged Good Position of Other Opponent – 12*

* This includes an instance where Gingrich said “Rick and I worked on Welfare Reform together” TOTALLY understating the reality of whom deserved more of the credit. Gingrich put Santorum on the committee and on the team to write the bill, and it was Gingrich who led the national campaign and worked directly with Clinton as well as envisioning it as part of Contract With America.  Yet he graciously allowed Rick an equal footing and gave him equal credit.

And I didn’t even get to the debates where Gingrich stopped the media from trying to get each of the candidates to go after each other.  Gingrich on the other hand DEFENDED other candidates from unwarranted attacks.”

That is one CONFUSED Deemocrat…!!!

I LIKE the idea of merit pay for Congress (we’d have to keep some from starving to death)…

but since when do Deemocrats LIKE a meritocracy…????