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Contraception Tweet of the Day

Contraception Tweet of the Day

Would it be premature to call this the early leader for Tweet of the Year?

Maybe, because considering who won last year, we may need to redistribute the honor so that less-gifted Twitter users do not have their self-esteem damaged.

From the 2012 CPAC Humor Blogger of the Year, @iowahawkblog:

(h/t Maetenloch at AoSHQ)


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I cannot quite place a finger on it, but something in that tweet has a definite smack of racism…

    True, true. The founder of Planned Parenthood was trying to hold down the reproductive rates of “lesser breeds”. So, ipso facto, anyone advocates wider access to contraceptives is abetting a racist agenda.

And here I thought the One came to us via virgin birth! That’s what the media said, anyway.

Couldn’t agree more!

People like Iowahawk and Professor Jacobson … you wish they’d been born as members of identical triplets so we could have triple the fun.

Newt Gingrich interview with Raymond Arroyo

So who is Newt’s favorite saint?

Saint Paul, he says without hesitation.

His reasons: Paul understood the challenge of being a Christian in a pagan world. Paul gets it… and Newt gets what Paul knew to be true.

Similar to what Catholic, Christians, and Jews are going through today living in a secular world that is attempting to replace their faith.

Good to hear from Newt on his faith.

Impressed with him; imperfect and honest.


    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to NewtCerto. | February 13, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    Not so quick .

    Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s-that is the current fight you have.

    Don’t muddy the waters.

That can’t be true. At that time, Hawaii experienced progressive immigration and imported illegal aliens to fill their need for workers and, presumably, votes.

Zelsdorf Ragshaft III | February 13, 2012 at 2:40 pm

Failing contraception, where was Planned Parenthood when they were needed the most. Is it to late? Post natal abortion.

Of course he means Hawaii, 1960.

Missouri Synod president says church remains ‘deeply concerned’ about health plan mandate despite White House statement

“We see President Obama’s action Friday as significant, in that it appears to have been prompted by the many voices united in concern over an infringement of our religious liberties. But the ‘accommodation’ did not expand the exemption for religious employers, nor did it restrict the mandate in any way. It simply described a temporary enforcement delay and a possible future change—a change that, unfortunately, would not adequately protect religious freedom or unborn lives.

[…] This week Dick Morris explained (and echoed what I've been saying) how the ABC debate in New Hampshire was a set-up for this whole political dust-up over contraception because the democrats cannot use "abortion/choice" to run against the republican candidate with polling numbers across America showing a majority against it on several levels. However, if you are not a Dick Morris fan, there are others making this same connection, especially in the wake of the recent news of a liberal think tank's and media operatives' close association with the White House, comrades (Yes, there's ALWAYS more…). But while we find ourselves currently defending the First Amendment in its basic existence, the democrats and the media have succeeded in removing focus on this administration's failed policies that have our economy drowning. This leads us, inevitably, to the top Tweet of the last three years… […]