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Almost makes me wish I had gone to CPAC

Almost makes me wish I had gone to CPAC


Via BuzzFeed Politics:

A video posted today shows conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart shouting “Behave yourselves!” and “Stop raping people!” at Occupiers protesting outside CPAC this afternoon. He also calls them “freaks and animals.”

According to Campus Progress writer Emily Crockett, who filmed the video at around 6:15 — shortly after Breitbart stopped in to talk to media in the press filing room — Breitbart stayed outside yelling at protesters for a few minutes and then “was gently encouraged to go inside by the security people.”

(language warning)

Meanwhile, the protesters confronted by Breitbart did not seem to know what they were protesting, via Daily Caller:

Fausta has more video.


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He should have included, “Stop crapping on police cars !!”

I really hope he gets a hold of a copy of that video the LA Times has under maximum security.

We need to infiltrate. These people are clueless. Someone dressed down appropriately and accompanied by a group carrying vague slogans could have got up on a soapbox and got them to chant almost anything!

“Day by Day” already had that cartoon a few weeks ago.

I wish I was there.
This makes the RightOnline conference that I went to look like a snooze fest.
I’m so jealous.

And Breitbart: You are one funny asshole, man.

The girl at the end says she never raped anyone, but apparently she feels comfortable calling all CPAC people racist sexist anti-gay bigots, AND demanding they go away.

This is the tolerant left … false accusations and a demand that any that don’t convert to the leftist religion must “go away”. Go where? The occupoopers came to the CPAC gathering to slander them, maybe THEY should go away.

I have never liked this constant berating of the Occupy movement. I have talked to people in smaller towns such as Lincoln Nebraska – a college town – and found them to most kids who are well meaning but remarkably stupid – the very definition of a modern university student – but calling them traitors and treating them as a threat only heightens their importance. Ignore them, they have a right to protest and their dislike of Wall Street and big bankers is shared by many including myself.

    The problem is that the ignorant are being led by those who want to destroy capitalism and cement statism as the defining characteristic of the United States.

    Those ignorant college students give credence to those at the top, among them being terrorists, anarchists and other sordid characters willing to do anything, break any law, lie, cheat and steal to get what they want at the expense of everybody else.

    Hope Change in reply to Smedley. | February 11, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    Hi Smedley — at first glance, it may seem that the TEA Party and the OWS are very different. But there is, to me, a very illuminating interaction in the video linked below, of Newt’s speech to the Staten Island TEA Party.


    PART 2  

    PART 3 q & a

    Smedlley, I would direct your attention to the Q & Q, because in the Q & A, there is a questioner who identifies himself, at the end of his exchange with Newt, as “one of the 99%.” But it’s with — and see if you agree — IMO, it’s with mutual respect. The man felt heard and answered.

    The question is about trying to get the attention of a huge bank. The questioner has had foreclosures in in his neighborhood. A house across the street has drug users in it and he’s been trying, for –IIRC — years, to get Bank of America to help him clear them out, and he can’t get the bank to help him or even pay attention to him.

    Listen to Newt’s answer. Newt says that banks that are “too big to fail” are also too big to manage, and too big to deal with a regular person. Newt says that when a bank is as big as Bank of America is now, they do not have time to talk to a regular person. Newt says that nothing should be that big, that it’s a because our system is distorted that it has happened. Newt says you have to be able to say to the bank, if this doesn’t straighten out, I’ll see you in court. Newt also says that Dodd-Frank is killing small banks and must be repealed.

    (As you may know, Newt has a plan for signing the repeal of Dodd-Frank on Inauguration Day — along with enough more legislation and Executive Orders to repudiate and repeal about 40% of Obama’s government. On the first day. ON THE FIRST DAY. Before the fancy-dress balls. Do the work for the American People first, before the inaugural balls and parties. Yes! The details are in Newt’s speeches.)

    But back to Staten Island– When Newt is finished answering the questioner, the man says thank you, and then he says that he is one of the 99%. But the man isn’t yelling. Because Newt actually answered his question in a meaningful way.

    This was such a big deal for me when I saw it.

    The pain of feeling we are all unable to talk to each other and solve problems is just awful. There has to be a way to talk to each other and solve problem. I feel I saw a glimpse of it at that moment in this video. A glimpse of HOPE.

    Newt said in his 2012 CPAC speech yesterday that the Establishment, of each party, is coming down on him lwith the kitchen sink FOR GOOD REASON. Because, Newt said, his campaign is a MORTAL THREAT to the Establishment.

    So in that sense, Smedley, I think you have an excellent point.

    The OWS youngsters are, of course, being used by people who do not mean well for the United States or the American People.

    But the ENERGY, the I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE of the OWS young people, if they have not been intellectually co-opted by the crypto-communists of the Alinsky- Cloward-Piven branch of the Left — the ENERGY — is very compatible with the ENERGY of the TEA Party. It seems to me.

    Here is a video of a bunch of OWS being interviewed by Peter Schiff, filmed by Reason TV.
    Some of them, quite a few, say they are in favor of capitalism. So I agree with THOSE OWS-ers! This system is corrupt and must be changed and made transparent and accountable.

    I think all of us are fed up with a system that funnels money from taxpayers to bankers without any transparency or accountability, and has resulted in a weak economy and fewer jobs for everyone, including recent grads and other young people just getting started in life.

    I would love to have a dialogue with and OWS person who is willing to look at the causes of our problems and who wants a strong and robust economy and secure, fair and predictable private property rights maintained.

    Newt says he will run an AMERICAN campaign:
    if you prefer a paycheck to food stamps for your family and the future of your kids, come and join us —
    if you want a strong, prosperous country, come and join us —
    if you believe in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Federalist Papers, then come and join us —
    everyone, from every background, from every neighborhood, we want you with us.

    I absolutely think Newt includes the youngsters of OWS who are fed up and yet still love what American really is SUPPOSED to be. I welcome the OWS-ers too, if they believe in the Founding Documents, freedom, safe and secure private property rights, et cetera.


    So in that sense, Smedley, I agree with you. I hope we can solve these problems together.

    (Oh, BTW — and if you watch this speech, you will see the Staten Island TEA Party people give a lesson in how to handle OWS people who try to shut down OTHER PEOPLE’S freedom of speech. Totally spontaneous, too, as far as I can tell. Show ’em how it’s done!)

The CPAC speech I want to hear is the one by Daniel Hannon. He’s the conservative MEP whose video about liberal spending and debt in the EU was such a hit.

Wow, at least when I went to debate with OWS protesters at Zuccotti, they had some talking points. I guess the DNC doesn’t provide training anymore to their lackies.

Wow, Fausta was told ‘Stop looking behind the curtain, that man is unimportant; pay attention only to the presentation brought to you by the Great and Powerful Oz!!!!!!’

The one thing I particularly like about Breitbart is that he understands that the way to deal with these people (actually, the left in general) is to spin around their tactics and use them to mirror-attack them. Want to chant slogans at us like “bigot”? OK, we’ll chant “rapists” at you (and it will actually be true). Want to excoriate conservatives as evil 1%’ers? How about we excoriate you with the same intensity for your Congressional insider trading, deals with guys like Buffet and Imelt, et al.

Fight fire with fire. Breitbart gets it. Most of the GOP mistakenly plays into the left’s games and immediately goes on the defensive, which plays in perfectly with their Alinsky-esque demonization strategy.

First off Prof, You’re thumbs up system is broken, it keeps giving +1 to every main post without my consent!

I’m just not sure that this really helps advance the cause honestly. To what extent do we have to be the “bigger people” and not run around screaming ourselves.
I realize that their doing it to us,, better to just fight facts with facts IMHO. Because the minute we stoop to their level, the people at MSDNC will cut out thier crap, leave in ours and claim “we’re crazy.”

I LOVE the Spanish speakers (likely illegal immigrants) who were holding signs that they couldn’t read and didn’t know what they meant. I’m willing to be that a bunch of the people who were the “stop the war on workers” crowd were PAID protestors who were told EXPLICITLY not to talk to anybody with a camera, lest they be found out.

Now I’m wishing I had gone. Janitor is right: somebody needs to infiltrate one of these protests where the occu-idiots are, and start them chanting something like “Socialism NOW!” (better yet “Communism NOW!” but they might see through that one too quickly for it to catch on) or give them signs that say “I support illegal immigrants taking jobs.” Oooh. Maybe “Legalize Crack Cocaine” Something that marginally agrees with their positions, but phrased in a way that the public at large would rebel against.

It wouldn’t take much. Maybe 20-25 people spread through the protest, with a synchronized start time to start chanting, and one of the network cameras looking on. Make it look like a couple of small groups, have those groups quickly recruit some of the non-aligned freeriders, and go from there.

It would be classic. Those that have ANY common sense at all would flee (those guys who said “I’m just here with somebody else”).

At CPAC Michele Bachmann tells the truth about Obama’s Middle East Policy where others dare not:

Romney wins CPAC straw poll.

38% Romney
31% Santorum
15% Gingrich
12% Paul

    Steve in reply to tsr. | February 11, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    true popularity or the fact that its closer to his home base? I would imagine location affects who shows up. They should have maybe done some sort of Inet + participant poll.

      tsr in reply to Steve. | February 11, 2012 at 5:47 pm

      I think he gave a good speech, at least for those who listened to it. His biggest error, IMO, was pushing the conservative word too much, and adding that superlative part of ‘severly’ to one of his conservative references.

RIGHT ON Andrew!

Over 6,000 arrests so far collectively with this group….$60 per day….its amazing what that will buy!!

The daily caller video really highlights the useful idiot syndrome going on with these people.

The “occupy” (a poorly conceived reference) movement embraces fundamental corruption (i.e. redistributive and retributive change) while rejecting exceptional corruption. For the latter, I congratulate them. For the former, I support their eviction.