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28 minutes to energy independence

28 minutes to energy independence

Newt has released a 28 minute video discussing energy independence. (h/t numerous readers)

Via Human Events, the video will be broadcast in key markets, in its entirety. Also, it was done entirely from memory, without aid of notes or a teleprompter.

Big question: Will people watch a 28 minute video?  Or is it enough that voters know that gas prices and energy are his priority, so that even if they don’t watch the whole thing, they associate the issue with Newt?


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It is a clever way to drive Newt’s plans on a hot topic across the internet and stimulare news coverage. I very much doubt it will air much as paid advertising, though. It will be up on cable at 1 am here and there a few times just so he can say he’s talking about substance in detail while the others are deploying 30-second attack ads.

we live in a an era of sound bites and rediculous posturing. They’ll jut ignore the substance and form quotes from different lines like “I ….. hate … jewish … children” and play it over and over again.

I think his message is rivoting, however, I wish there was a different background, maybe images that change (like Obama bowing) to make it as visually compelling as his speech.

Part of our role is to teach our friends, family, co-workers and neighbors EFFECTIVELY what the Conservative message is.

I think the likelihood of people watching this 1/2 hour presentation goes up exponentially as we approach $5.00 per gallon gasoline, and they contemplate the “pond-scum” plan.

    Say_What in reply to Ragspierre. | February 24, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    That pond-scum plan really cracked me up. Most of the pond-scum I’ve ever seen occurs in wetlands, I thought wetlands were supposed to be protected, at least that’s what the enviromentalists tell us, what happens when they suck up the scum which is a vital part of that eco-system they so dearly love to declare off limits? I guess if it’s a liberal idea then it is O.K.

    We need to remove some scum alright, but it isn’t in the wetlands.

      Ragspierre in reply to Say_What. | February 24, 2012 at 2:08 pm

      Look at what they’re doing in the Mojave Desert. All that “impact” stuff…that only applies to the Old and Broke (i.e., “dirty” energy…the kind our culture depends on).

      The “new and now”…NO IMPACT…!

      Henry Hawkins in reply to Say_What. | February 24, 2012 at 4:00 pm

      Energy from algae is an old idea. If it could ever be made economically viable, the process would include ‘algae farms’ – the required algae would not be taken from the natural environment.

Gingrich. So brilliant.

It baffles me how anyone can support Romney.

No, they won’t watch something like that. The average voter, not someone who follows or is involved in issues, will only be reached and motivated by a 30-60 spot.

Very Presidential, nice contrast with O and I’m sure that is part of the goal. His plan is spot on and, once again, he’s ahead of the curve on the issues. I’m a sucker for intelligent solutions, so I guess I’ll send yet another contribution to help Newt out.

I hope he sent a copy to Palin, she needs to endorse him and campaign for him. After all, this is what she has been saying she wants from a candidate.

Go Newt!

Ummmm, seems that when Rick Perry released his “energy” plan in October, no one was even willing to discuss it. Not that a governor of a state that is the leader in energy production would know what he was talking about, according the the Newties on this blog.

So is anyone willing to note the similarities to what Gingrich is now saying to what Perry said over four months ago? The headline should be “Newt Channels Perry.” right after Newt threw Governor Perry under the bus in the last debate.

I was just about ready to sign on for the Newt Bandwagon, but not when he starts throwing those who actually came out in support for him under the bus.

Newt is just as bad as Santorum or Romney.

    Say_What in reply to retire05. | February 24, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    Perry endorsed Newt. Romney was the one who threw Perry under the bus. But then I can see the facts don’t matter to you.

    Scorpio51 in reply to retire05. | February 24, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    I’m a little taken aback by your comments that Newt threw Rick Perry under the bus. I’ve watched all of the debates and have no recollection of that happening.

    Governor Perry seemed happy to endorse Newt. In fact, I heard Perry give an interview to Rusty Humphries last night and seemed very enthusiastic about his support of Newt.

    Maybe if you know of something in particular I would be happy to know what it was.

    conservativegram in reply to retire05. | February 24, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    These aren’t new ideas from Newt. He’s been working on solutions for a long time.

    Tamminator in reply to retire05. | February 24, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    I never once heard Governor Perry talk about his energy plan, so why would I know about it?
    Governor Perry certainly has a lot more class than you do.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to retire05. | February 24, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    “Not that a governor of a state that is the leader in energy production would know what he was talking about, according the the Newties on this blog.”

    Knowing you to be so honest – a natural result of your religiosity – please show us where one ‘Newtie on this blog’ said Perry didn’t know what he was talking about on energy production.

    Gosh, I can’t believe you’d just make stuff up out of anger and misplaced blame. Prove that wrong. Name one. Or shut up.

    The headline should be “Newt Channels Perry.”

    Perry is an excellent choice for President; sadly, he wasn’t able to engage the American Idol crowd. Here is a brief summary of Perry’s excellent energy planfor those who have missed it.

    Newt faces the same challenge as Governor Perry with respect to popular appeal. It would be a real shame to lose both of our best candidates because they’re fat, ugly or don’t speak well.

    I missed where Newt through Perry ‘under-the-bus’ in the Mesa debate. Perry was on the road with Gingrich yesterday, so it must not have been too bad.

That was an excellent presentation with very bold ideas that could turn this country around FAST.

Tip from me, Newt: Condense the speech into 10 minutes.
There was a lot that could have been cut out.
Make it into cogent points.
That’s just my two cents.

Newt/West 2012

Newt is a great orator, but I believe a more condensed version would be better.

A lot of people’s attention span is very limited these days.

Dear Professor Jacobson,

My wife got hooked on American Idol three years ago and if I want to spend time with her on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, it is in front of the screen watching Idol. Although I’m not hooked, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen and learned much. The most important thing I’ve learned is that the best performer is never chosen to be the Idol (at least not in the last three years). That’s how popularity contests work. If I can get over Adam Lambert losing the Idol crown, I can get over Newt losing the nomination, but I won’t happy about that either.

Thanks for posting the Gingrich video. I enjoyed watching it, though not as much as I enjoyed watching Adam Lambert sing Ring of Fire.

Yours truly,


Nixon In China | February 24, 2012 at 3:20 pm

” … it was done entirely from memory, without aid of notes or a teleprompter.”

I was listening to the Guy Benson show and topic of the CPAC speeches came up. The person Benson was talking to mentioned that while Newt and Santorum spoke without notes, Romney used a teleprompter.

Benson would have none of this: There is nothing wrong with using a teleprompter. Using a teleprompter shows that you are organized and prepared. I NEVER found the Obama teleprompter jokes funny. (Or, as he later corrected himself, they were only funny until May 2009.)

So this is another disarming required of us in order to assimilate with the Romney borg: We must stop telling teleprompter jokes?

I guess so. I’m waiting for Ann Coulter to write “Three Cheers for Teleprompters.”

Well, maybe people’s attention spans will increase after the economy is fully crushed to a halt. Then people will have lots more time on their hands. Are you serious.

If we want to shrink Washington, we have to grow citizens back home. That means possible having to assume the terrible burden of watching a half-hour video. That outlines how to have a fabulous future. For us all.

Do you know even one person you could send this to, and recommend it — HOW ABOUT A COLLEGE STUDENT WHO MIGHT LIKE TO HAVE A JOB, A SAVINGS ACCOUNT, A CAR AND A HOUSE SOMEDAY?

As Americans, we can take 28 minutes to find out how to save our country.

Here’s what we can do: Send both links:

NEWT: “AMERICAN ENERGY, MONEY IN YOUR POCKET, YOUR FUTURE” – 28:59 – your prosperous tomorrow

“THINGS CAN BE DRAMATICALLY BETTER, and FAST” – Newt at The Mint in Scottsdale, Arizona -WESTERN FREE PRESS – 7:48
NEWT SAYS: When you have a Left-wing incompetent in the White House, things don’t work. But we can EASILY make the economy work. EASILY. Dramatic tax cuts. We’ve created 16 million jobs. In the 90’s we created 11 million jobs in four years. YOU CAN HAVE A GOOD JOB. Personal Social Security for young people. YOU WILL OWN THIS MONEY. STARTING FROM YOUR FIRST DAY AT WORK. It will be a small fortune compared to old Social Security, and YOU WILL OWN IT. We will have so much savings and wealth that China will come to us for money. WE’RE GOING TO HAVE AMERICAN ENERGY: we will create a million new jobs, keep $500 billion at home, SAY YES to the Keystone Pipeline — THE GOVERNMENT WILL GET royalties of $16 to $18 trillion — that’s TRILLION, over the next generation, which is equal to the national debt. THE UNITED STATES WILL BECOME THE LARGEST OIL PRODUCER IN THE WORLD by the end of the next decade. We can say to those in the Middle East, stop sponsoring terror. Gasoline will stabilize between $2 to $2.59 a gallon. Drill here, drill now, pay less. If you work, you earn, you get to spend your own money as you see fit.

My dear friends — I would be ashamed to think what the American Revolution generation would think of us, or the WWII generation. Attention spans are too short? Are you kidding? We’re on the brink. I guess if we slide into the abyss, maybe people SAY, GOSH, MAYBE WATCHING A 29-MINUTE VIDEO WOULND’ HAVE BEEN SO BAD..

Of COURSE the Establishment and the MSM (BIRM) doesn’t want people to watch this video. How about let’s thwart the Establishment and the MSM.

The British didn’t want the colonists to have guns or practice in their militias, either. The British didn’t want the colonists to shoot at the British from the woods, as the British marched in formation down the middle of the roads, dressed in red coats. And yet, Americans did.

As Americans, we had better et a clue. And a backbone. This is do or die.

Send out this email.

Do you know someone who can’t find a job? Maybe THEIR attention span is a trifle longer. Fear about a your personal economic collapse can focus the mind quite effectively.

I don’t want to hear one single peep about a third party or a “rebellion” when we have an OUTSTANDING, BRILLIANT, EASY PLAN, but, oh dear, people’s ATTENTION SPANS are too short.

[pulls on hair, pacing in frustration]

Peace to all my dear friends here at LI. We CAN do this. We must do this.

    Hope Change in reply to Hope Change. | February 24, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    When I said, “My dear friends — I would be ashamed to think what the American Revolution generation would think of us, or the WWII generation” —

    What I meant is, the Revolutionary generation & the WWII generation would look at us with amazement to hear that we would risk letting our country be destroyed rather than study the problems and find solutions.

    I didn’t mean that the Revolutionary generation would be ashamed of the WWII generation.

    That sentence was badly constructed! I guess I was upset. Breathing. Breathing.

    Scorpio51 in reply to Hope Change. | February 24, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    Hope/Change, I sincerely hope I didn’t offend you with my comments. Of course, you can’t articulate facetious on the keyboard.

    My comments were about people’s attention span being so minut that all they can comprehend is sound bites.

    Sadly, I believe you are right when you say maybe they will have more time when the nation collapses. I believe this will probably be what it takes. Many people are in the dark about things like this. Their day to day existence only depends on what they will be doing in the evening or who sent them a tweet.

      Hope Change in reply to Scorpio51. | February 26, 2012 at 2:36 pm

      Dear Scorpio05 —

      To me, it’s like like Hansel and Gretel and here is the path out of the woods. Yes, there are shortcomings with bread crumbs as the method of communication. But LET’S GET OUT OF HERE, THIS IS THE WAY HOME!

      George Washington had his officers read aloud to the men, The American Crisis, “These Are the Times That Try Men’s Souls,” because Washington knew that an army with HIGH MORALE, even if it had low equipment, was better than an army of low morale and high equipment. HIgh morale says, LET’S USE THIS!! Low morale says, this is too long, this is too dull, this is not effective, I like Newt, but…, other people are too stupid, blah, blah.

      So, Scorpio05, for me it’s about US taking Newt’s genius and running with it. This is like a HUGE basketball game, in which all of us can score points in a very jazzy, improvisational way.

      I read that Newt just one day walked up to the camera crew that is filming him during the primary and just out of nowhere, announced that he wanted to record a half-hour talk about energy and that he would meet them IN AN HOUR, and that he wanted to be sitting down and with a background. “Ba do bop doo bop, Birmingham; ba do bop doo bop, Alabam; ba do bop doo bop, where they go, to dance the night away…” This is jazz. This is big band. This is basketball. This is improv. This is stand-up. This is American ingenuity. This is IT. This is giving your all when you don’t know the outcome. This is the olympics you’ve been training for your whole life. WILL WE SUCCEED? I say yes. These decadent bastards are GOING DOWN. (Andrew Breitbart.)

      Think about this with me for a moment: if we rescue our country from ALL THE CORRUPT FORCES UNITED AGAINST US — it will be because a genius of a man, with the charisma of a raccoon in a business suit and the girth of Alfred Hitchcock, sat down, apparently spontaneously, and EXTEMPORANEOUSLY SHOWED US THE WAY OUT. What? What? What?

      How is this less audacious that Washington and his American Army in 1776 , “victory or death, ” crossing the Delaware on Christmas Eve and capturing 800 professional Hessian soldiers? Welllllll, some may say, it’s different because no one is shooting at us. And I reply, Welllll, that’s right, no one is shooting at us, YET.

      Newt is using social media to level the playing field for us, the little people. Newt’s AMERICAN ENERGY 28:59 video is an opening salvo in a new War of American Independence. (see: An Army of Davids, by Glenn Reynolds.) It’s a cold war, maybe, but the consequences of not winning are very real and would be a kind of death of vitality and spirit for us and our children and grandchildren, as the life-force gets crushed out of our economy and people begin to experience a DEPRESSION.

      This a war between the true spirit of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and the forces of Corruption, Money and Influence that have ALWAYS tried to enslave the human spirit. Ronald Reagan: “America is the force that defeated communism and all those who would put the human soul itself into bondage.” (via Maggie’s Notebook)

      So, Scorpio05, I came back to this page and saw your comment, (hi!) and I am thrilled at how many of us have posted Newt’s AMERICAN ENERGY 28:59 on Facebook and sent it out in emails. We’re taking it and running with it. It brings tears of gratitude to my eyes.

      If you can think of even one person more to send it to, send it. I sent it to my local talk radio conservative, and I think she’s still leaning Ron Paul (I know!). Even one group — send it. Right? We can do this.

      Thanks Scorpio05 for responding to me directly. I’m sorry if I seemed offended. Not at all. It was only high octane energy because the consequences of failure are too great. And I so, so, sooooo want to return to lawful Constitutional government and Prosperity. So nice talking to you. Have a frabjous day.

I think what Newt is doing is important. But the vast majority of people won’t watch it. Maybe if it were on American Idol. But I think it’s a waste for these very good ideas. Keep talking about energy independence, repealing Obamacare, a more robust Foreign policy and greater individual freedoms…those are all winners.

I heard him on Erick Erickson’s radio show last night and Newt was brilliant.

WOW … how can any sane person listen to that and not think maybe there is hope for America after all? By “sane person” I mean those that recognize the destructive forces of the left, and their concerted efforts to shut down American production, and submit to some global PC totalitarianism.

Obama can’t put one coherent minute together without a teleprompter. His thoughts are how to inject accusations of racism and bigotry into every topic. Logical thinking allows for sequential development of concepts … leftist thinking requires distortion and deception, and the lies must be individually remembered, since the puzzle pieces don’t fit.

An extended version of this should be constructed with pauses that document Newt’s points. The left has long been chopping off our energy production. The gulf moratorium, pipeline obstruction, and CO2 BS are evidence enough. But when private development still succeeds despite all ant-American efforts, they try to also shut down fracking. What The FRACK? Then they try to take credit for increased production. Good Gawd.

I’m sending Newt some money. And I’m again imposing this on my Facebook friends and locals blogs. Hopefully some folks wake up.

Normal people WILL watch it if other normal people who’ve watched it ask them to watch it. Hint, hint.

Also – I’m sure they realize a shorter version would be a good idea. Probably one in editing as we speak, er, type.

Newt is my favorite! High gas prices are horrible. If they were lower I know I would see my daughter and grandson more often as well as my best friend. Yes, I can still communicate with these special people in my life quite easily over the phone or the Internet but it is not the same as getting to hug my daughter, my grandson and my best friend. President Obama just doesn’t care.

It’s a friggin’ pitiful day in America when people will spend more time watching Reality TV, sports and all kinds of depraved TV programming. But they can’t focus their attention for 30 mins. to hear what a presidential candidate has to say that can bring our country back to life. They jump from one candidate to the next like they are at Baskin Robbins trying a new flavor each week. Gingrich’s message has been spot on from day one. When Palin announced on Oct. 5th she would not seek the Presidency, I got on board with Gingrich and haven’t wavered since. He outlines his plans, point by point. What the problem is, how we can solve it and the positive explosive results. I’m beginning to believe what a friend told me once that 95% of the population is stupid. Otherwise, Gingrich would have already had this wrapped up. They are more worried about who he slept with 15-20 years ago and if he did a stupid commercial w Nancy Pelosi which affected only a few people than they are about all the GOOD STUFF HE DID FOR THE COUNTRY AS SPEAKER WHICH AFFECTED THE ENTIRE COUNTRY-COME ON PEOPLE!

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but once I’m two minutes in, I want to keep listening. Certainly some better visuals could jazz it up. Hyperactive web users need multiple inputs to keep their brain engaged. TV learned this with video that keeps changing every few seconds. For the less ADHD, they can pause the video and study the charts, stats.

With the millions that go into ads, can’t someone be putting this all together?

This is a speech Newt gave in Spokane. It is long but the first few minutes are definitely worth a listen. He takes on Obama:

DINORightMarie | February 25, 2012 at 6:37 am

I have sent this out on Facebook already…….another blast, and some emails are definitely due.

Newt is the most underrated candidate. I don’t understand how at this moment in our nation’s history, at such a dramatic, critical time, that people are looking for the “sound bite” or “camera-friendly” over substance. Newt is a statesman, with a REAL record of solid, conservative success!

I will be re-posting on Facebook. And asking friends to LIKE and SHARE. 🙂

I watched the video and was impressed. Newt is channeling Palin’s energy message better than the other three candidates could ever hope to. Maobama mocked drill baby drill the other day, and other than Newt have you heard any responce from the others? No, you haven’t.

I’m not a Newt fan, but I think that absent Palin from the race, he is the best qualified to take these types of arguments directly to Maobama and to the American people.

My only criticism is that he did not emphasize the personal choices/freedom theme a little bit more. In my view that is the great weakness of the progressive left. They are constantly proposing new programs to “help” or “take care of” the “poor” or under privileged, but the reality is that these are not about helping people but about intervening in their lives and using the power of government to dictate behavior. The push for single payer is not about ensuring more people have access to health care but about empowering the government to tell them what, how much and when to eat and how to live their lives with the threat of no medical care for non-compliance.

Similarly, the full court press against the development of our massive energy resources, is not about protecting the environment, that is a side benefit at best. It is really about an established elite that wants to control where everyone else lives, in what fashion and how they are able to travel and live their lives. The dream is to force the mass of the people to live their lives in massive high density urban settings, effectively trapping tax base for the cities as well as ensuring elections through corrupt city machines. In the utopia of the left only they (our betters) would access to the freedom and open spaces of the suburbs and rural areas and the means to easily travel from the cities. The ultimate goal of the left is to reduce everyone who is not part of the academic/political elite to neo-serfs, tied by the economic chains of high prices and taxes to a small area for the entirety of our miserable lives and subject in even our most intimate choices to the Leviathan

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