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100,000-200,000 ficticious Wisconsin voters can’t be wrong

100,000-200,000 ficticious Wisconsin voters can’t be wrong

Signature checkers are on track to find between 100,000-200,000 invalid signatures on WI Recall petitions, out of approximately 1 million submitted.  It’s too little to stop the recall election being certified, but is a good indication of massive fraud.

IBD rhetorically asks, Why Do Democrats Want to Protect Voter Fraud?  I will rhetorically answer:

Because they’re so damn good at it.

In other news:


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This week, I wrote a series of articles dealing with voter fraud in Minnesota. Though some things are significantly different in Minnesota than in Wisconsin, there are alot of things they have in common. The biggest similarity is in how they process new voter registrations. Here are the links to my series:

Democrats have mastered the system of voter registration fraud. That’s a project I’ve committed to uncovering. If you find these interesting, subscribe to my articles.

    Same Same in reply to LFRGary. | February 15, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    So long as there is a “black box” in the voting system, fraud can and will happen. It will happen wherever that black box is located.

    The only solution is to eliminate the secret ballot. Publish all the voters and their votes. That makes it easy to find fraud and easy to remove fraudulent votes.

Going through voter registration rolls should be one of the top 3 priorities for the Tea Party. True the Vote has been awesome on this.

Sometimes a chimichanga is just a chimichanga (and, can we stop with the “insenstive” nonsense?)

It exasperates me when the Right adopts, i.e. legitimizes, the Left’s premises in order to score a fleeting rhetorical point. Win a battle, lose the war.

Apparently, the Texas primaries are NOT going to happen until LATE MAY! There seems to be a fine Italian hand here that’s more than just the usual minority complaints to re-districting. Obviously, the Texas primaries won’t take place until the nominee is already selected.

“IBD rhetorically asks, Why Do Democrats Want to Protect Voter Fraud? I will rhetorically answer: ‘Because they’re so damn good at it.’ ”
Professor, with all due respect, I heartily disagree with you on this one. No system should accept a ten-to-twenty percent error rate, on the order of one-to-two hundred thousand errors, without stopping in its tracks. They get away with this BECAUSE WE LET THEM. They pass legislation that no one has read in the dark of night, appoint czars and administrators illegally, mock Congress, lie about Supreme Court nominees’ backgrounds, Pigford, civil rights division, Fast and Furious, Media Matters – there are so many I can’t think of them all off the top of my head. The list is endless.

They get away with it BECAUSE WE LET THEM. Full stop. Period. They are criminals and a legal system and cannot stop them and the people in it who will not stop them are not worth a tinker’s damn.

(Do you think it would help if I wrote Chuck Schumer to complain?)

Minnesota should demand more representation in Congress with all those ghost voters – obviously the census dramatically undercounted in the cemetaries.

    Radiofreeca, It isn’t that they undercounted the cemetaries. It’s that they only count during the absentee ballot voting period.

    As a lifelong Minnesotan, I can verify that dead voters only vote absentee & then, only if they can mail in their ballots.

They need to compare signatures more on all of these petitions. I was looking at several pages yesterday and noted a lot of signatures are very similar. What is to stop these canvassars from getting names out of the telephone book and signing the petition for them?

The problem with high salaries for professors in Germany is that you aren’t included, William.

SoCA Conservative Mom | February 15, 2012 at 6:33 pm

“German court invents right to high salaries for professors. And the problem with that is what?”

Careful professor, next they will be capping salaries for professors.

Why not pay professors according to the qualifications of the students they churn out? We want/need doctors and engineers, so professors training our future doctors and engineers get paid more. Teach medieval Italian basket weaving get paid accordingly. Hmm, do we need more lawyers? 😉

    Or, have the universities co-sign the students loan. Maybe after a while a blue ribbon study group made up of professors from the economics department and the statistics department will point out to the administration that some students taking some majors are more likely to repay that loan than PhD students studying Latin American Lesbian Literature.

Raquel Pinkbullet | February 15, 2012 at 6:34 pm
Raquel Pinkbullet | February 15, 2012 at 6:36 pm

I guess Germany hasn’t learned anything from Greece. This welfare culture in Europe will be the end of the EU and I say good riddance.

It may be that there is a lot of voter fraud in Wisconsin, but invalid signatures on petitions has nothing to do with it. Ideally, petition campaigns to qualify candidates for the ballot, trigger referenda, recall officials, etc. should be conducted by going door to door with an appropriate list if registered voters looking for voters on the list. However, since this requires a degree of organization and a legion of volunteers that are only rarely available, most petition drives depend on collecting “street” signatures at busy corners, malls, public events, etc. When you do that, you get a lot of signers who are not registered voters, even if you ask them first whether they are registered. Inevitably, when such signatures are cross checked against registration rolls, many will turn out to be invalid. That’s why you shoot to turn in twice the required number.

Actually, 20 percent invalid is not all that high — if 80 percent are valid, they probably were collected carefully, door to door.

I was involved deeply for many years both in running political petition campaigns and overseeing challenges to rival petitions. It was not unusual to be able to get up to 50 percent of some petitions thrown out. Again, this tells us nothing one way or another about vote fraud. Signing a petition on the street because some guy asks you is not voting.

    SoCA Conservative Mom in reply to JEBurke. | February 15, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Legion of volunteers? The people you see collecting signatures are not volunteers. They are paid for each signature they collect. Recently my husband and I were coming out of Target and got mugged by a guy collecting signatures. He had 5 different petitions to sign. I asked him how much he makes. He said for each signature he earns between $.50 and $1.00. He averages $10 per hour.

Anybody that can’t see that this whole contraception issue was orchestrated is blind. Now with Drudge linking to Santorum saying he does in fact think contraception for women is bad, if we do not boot him from the frontrunner position, we are doomed. Seriously doomed.
I implore our esteemed Professor, or anyone who has the ear of Newt to get him to regain his traction and focus on what is important: Obama’s failures. I could not believe I heard Krauthammer say on the SR online show tonight that unemployment and rising gas prices are not damaging to Obama. Believe me, I work with persons who do in fact live paycheck to paycheck and both of those issues are crucial, and damaging to Obama. Scream about the real unemployment rate, and gas prices, from the roof tops if necessary Newt. But dammit….scream (metaphorically).

    You sort of get the feeling that Obama is going for the low hanging fruit. It all makes sense if you believe that the SCOTUS will strike down ObamaCare. Obama panders to his base and never has to go back on his support of killing babies.

Re: Wedge issue. The only reason Birth Control is a “wedge issue” is because apparently the republican party has become to stupid to call out teh complete econonmic absurdity of this policy. Either a) You need to ‘fess up that you don’t want poor people having babies or b) this policy is a waste of cash. There is no c) “it makes sense in the long run.” argument that I can get out of this.
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, if this were a cost saving policy they’d stick with just the pill not “All FDA approved methods” some of which are pretty damned expensive.
Also someone would point out that even if the number of people make use of this that are being implied with all the numberings being bandied about, your average premium won’t even begin to cover perscription drugs, much less the rest of medical care!
Technically my Crestor is “preventative care” for my familial high Cholesterol, I’d like that free please too!

I’m wondering if the percentage of invalid signatures in Wisconsin may go up as the number of signatures examined goes up, as there are more names that may be duplicated.

Here’s a question that perhaps some here could comment on. This blog has some of the smartest posters I’ve seen. Maybe the prof could even do a separate post on it.

During the Reagan era(80-88)the GOP went 17/18 over 3 Presidential cycles in CA, NY, IL, PA, MI, and NJ. If you go back and include the 72 and 76 elections they went 27/30 over 5 cycles(losing NY in 88 and NY and PA in 76). The GOP won 400+ EVs in 4 of those 5 cycles, 500+ in 2 of the 5.

In the 5 cycles since after the Reagan era(’92-’08) in those 6 states the GOP is a combined…wait for it…0/30, very soon to be 0/36 in the 6 cycles since 88 come Nov 6. Combined those states total 156 EVs. The GOP has run 4 different candidates over those 5 cycles against 4 different dems(soon to be 5 different GOP nominees). Issues have come and gone. Different circumstances each election. One constant. The GOP has gone for 0/36 over over 6 different elections/ They haven’t exceeded 286 EVs in any of them. Since 1988 286 is the best they’ve done. The dems have exceeded 360 EVs in 3 of the 5 and soon to be 4 of the 6.

And I have to be honest. Unless we enter a severe recession or even a deprssion I don’t see the GOP ever winning any of thoses again. Can someone point out a scenario where the GOP wins CA? NY? IL? any of those states? Even at the lowest points of Obama’s term he was still ahead in all of them.

So, the question is how did this happen? How did the GOP go from owning those state to basically having no chance in any of them?

CA I can somewhat understand as it’s become way more hispanic and demographics play a part. But what about NY, PA, IL, MI, NJ?

It’s not like the issues have changed all that much. The GOP and Dems still basically support the same things they did back in the 70s and 80s.

Is the younger generation turned off by the social issues more than the older one was? Have all the Reagan dems died off and aren’t really relevant anymore? Did the end of the USSR remove the anti-communist plank that was very good for the GOP? Do we just have bad candidates(Even Ford won CA and IL and MI), Bush41 went 5/6)? Did welfare reform and basically take the race issue off the table?

How did all these big states become solid locks for the dems? Is there anything the GOP can do about it? Just think how much easier it’d be to win elections if the GOP could win say CA and NY. Even just CA or just PA would help.

Do we just need to permanently write these states off? That basically the 286 EVs Bush got in 04 is the high water mark, the best the GOP can expect to do?

Any thoughts? How can the GOP become a truly national party that can win 400+ EVs again, or even 300 EVs? What would folks here say are the top 3 things the party needs to do to win some of these big states and win 300-400+ EVs?

Here’s the salary scale for higher level teachers in Germany.

Scroll down to the Besoldungstabelle (Salary scale).

University professor salaries go from C2 Stufe 1 (Level 1) at 3041,67 € /mo (c. $47,500 /yr) and end at C4 Stufe 15 (level 15) at 6904,15 € / mo (c. $107,000 /yr). I’m using 1 € = $1.30.

The argument over here is that professors are vastly underpaid compared to their private sector counterparts.

The university system is vastly different than the US. There are a limited number of spots available and, depending upon their course of study, students are mostly placed into a university by a governmental committee, the students themselves don’t choose one to go to. They can make preferences, but it is not always granted. Limited fields of study most likely have positions open and are offered at specific universities, so by choosing your course of study accordingly you may be able to choose your university.

In the list above, Hochschulen are not high schools. They are more like technical schools/ trade schools. A Gymnasium is a ‘high school’ as in the US. Gymnasium graduates must pass an exit exam in a major and may go on to a university or a Hochschule.

Business track students don’t go to the Gymnasium thus don’t have entrance exams from the Gymnasium and may not attend University. They finish high school in a business school and may attend a Hochschule.

To make a long story short, German Universities have well educated students.

Why Don’t Democrats Want to Photo ID ?

There is a one word answer … Deniability

With no photo ID, they can came that they had no way to know.

wait a second…there is a potential for one out of every five signatures to be fraudulent?

how cant walker appeal on this? i know by law it takes 500k valid signatures, but the scale of fraud here seems outrageous.

as a hypothetical, can you imagine if they got 20 million votes and only 500k were good?

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