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At this point your reality


Untrue, of course. But kinda clever.

What I don’t get is the attribution to Colbert. I can see using the Appeal to Authority tactic if the person carries some weight…Einstein or Mother Theresa are two that immediately come to mind via bumper stickers. But Colbert?

Then again the Stewart/ Colbert team seems to carry quite a bit of weight among liberals (I’ve heard many claim that their show is a primary source of news). So this must simply be the driver’s way of demonstrating that they’re well informed.

“Your “reality”, sir, is full of lies and balderdash. And I’m delighted to say I have no grasp of it what so ever!” – Baron Munchausen

While Colbert’s point is 180 from facts I will give him props. If there’s an expert on bias in America, Colbert may be the one.

I’m sure liberal reality is a reality of sorts, but why does it look like reality in the bizarro world? Websters defines reality as: “b : something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily.” Perhaps liberal reality is derivative, derived from a skewed value system, out of sync moral compass, and inability to see the consequences of their perverted perceptions.

But this is more accurate: Margaret Thatcher– “The facts of life are conservative.” Maybe I’ll get some bumper stickers made.

I used to have a shirt that said “Reality is for people that can’t handle drugs.”

“Acid consumes 47 times its weight in excess reality.”

That is obviously true for liberals, er, progressives…

Colbert is so clever. How brilliant! I can hardly count the ways!

He took the statement “The Media has a well-known liberal bias” and oh, so amusingly switched the first two words to REALITY. Trying to assert, of course, that the media is NOT biased, they are just reporting reality. How droll!

And, to all the stupid, racist/sexist/homophobic knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, Neanderthal, bottom-dwelling righties, we just CAN’T understand truth and reality. We are so very stupid, dontcha know.

He is yet another leftist full of agitprop. Projection, baby, projection.

The driver must be worried about the recent influx of bands of roving tea partiers in NY’s 9th district.

Why do liberals, especially Obama, insist on saying things that are so obviously the exact opposite of the truth?

True if “REALITY” means “the dinosaur media, Colbert and his toadies.”

“Reality” also can’t properly kern its bumper stickers to save its life. The R-A gap? Shameful!

If by liberal they meant classical liberal, then I might agree.