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Who was “undisciplined” in 1994?

Who was “undisciplined” in 1994?

More Romney campaign theater of the absurd.

The Romney campaign must know that Newt is surging in South Carolina:

“There are some increasing signs — though all of it anecdotal for now — that Newt Gingrich is gaining some momentum three days before the South Carolina primary. First was his strong debate performance on Monday, from which his campaign cut a new TV ad. Second, the Romney campaign today is holding a conference call (featuring former Sen. Jim Talent and former Rep. Susan Molinari) with the sole purpose of hitting Gingrich, and we haven’t seen one of those from the Romney camp since Iowa. And third, Sarah Palin sort of endorsed Gingrich last night.”

In the last 24 hours Romney has unleashed the character assassination campaign which worked so well in Iowa:

Romney has released a new ad called “Undisciplined Leader” and a new website of the same name featuring former New York Congresswoman Susan Molinari.:

Molinari, since leaving the House in the 1990s, has been a full time lobbyist.  She also holds bitter family grudges against Newt, as this Miami Herald blog post indicates:

Molinari’s beef with Gingrich has a deeply personal aspect as well. Her husband, former Rep. Bill Paxon, was a top leader in the coup to oust Gingrich in 1997. It failed. Some blame Republican leader Dick Armey, now the leader of tea-party organizer FreedomWorks, for selling out his fellow plotters when he learned that Paxon would be speaker and not him.

Paxon mysteriously soon left his post in Congress. It was never clear why.

There is a concerted effort to take Bill Paxon out before he becomes a bigger threat to Gingrich than he is,” Hill reporter Sandy Hume reported at the time, according to this Arianna Huffington. “Paxon and Armey haven’t been on speaking terms since the coup.”

As the link above indicates, there was some other really personal nastiness which I’ll not repeat but it’s out there, so read it yourself.  Molinari’s father, a former big shot in NY Republican circles, also hates Newt.  This all helps explain why Susan Molinari is doing what she’s doing.

Theater of the absurd is an understatement.  While Newt was advocating for the Contract with America and helping pass welfare reform and other conservative agenda items, Mitt Romney was running away from almost everything on the conservative agenda.

Read Major Garrett’s column, Romney’s 1994 Problem, featuring numerous clips, including this one:

Mitt Romney was very disciplined in 1994 — against conservatism.


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Every candidate but one is appearing at the SC pro-life forum tonight. I bet you can’t guess which one is staying home! I will give you a hint. Its the one who was pro-choice before he was pro-life. Check out the story here.

NY Republicans hating Newt is a big plus for Newt as conservatives are hated by most Northeastern Republicans.

Thanks Romney for showing us you’re establishment again 🙂

Character assassination is working for Romney for two reasons:

1. Gingrich’s character is “assassinatable”.

2. No one else has the money to defend themselves against such attacks.

I posted the top donors for Romney and Obama a couple of days ago and the lists are different mostly because the dirty money is donating a lot more money to Obama than to Romney. If money is the only criteria we are going to look at in arguing that a candidate is “electable”, then Obama is going to win. God knows character and principles in elections have gone the way of fundamentals in the financial markets.

It’s all about money and we can’t seem to find the wherewithal to vote against it on the ballot. We need a brokered convention where a conservative can threaten to run 3rd party if there is going to be any hope of reversing the Bush/Obama globalist agenda and as Mark Levin says, it may be too late. We are already in post-Constitutional America.

What is going on? Did Romney Peak too soon?

Santorum Won Iowa
Newt takes Romney to the woodshed in the debate
Romney narrative on Bain falls apart, Bain fraud and pump and dump scandal exploding
Sarah Palin endorses Newt
Romney own supporters call on him to return tax returns
Rush Spends a day bumping Newt
Romney calls out enemies of Newt to say he was a “bad leader” for his failures like umm … blanking the budget.

Yeah I have a feeling this race is taking another turn for the better. I find it surprising that people don’t note despite Romney’s ridiculous cash advantage he is having difficulty knocking his opponents out. If this is indicative of his general campaign performance he will not be president if he is our nominee, we will have grabbed defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Is this race about

    It’s not about “people” noting that Romney having difficulty knocking out his opponents. That observation has been shouted from the roof tops for weeks now. It’s “the money” that is speaking to us and “the money” just wants to make sure they are backing the winning candidate. If you look at who is getting that money, most of it is going to Obama with the rest going to Romney. No one else is even in the game. That is how “the money” buys elections and we let them get away with it.

    The thing that would really shake up “the money” would be for a conservative to threaten to take it 3rd party and then storm into a brokered convention. Unfortunately, the only one in a position to do that is Ron Paul. It should have been Palin (McCain) or Bachmann (Rollins) but they defeated themselves right out of the gate by embracing the establishment with a big French kiss and then declaring that they would ultimately support the eventual GOP nominee.

    This is war and we need to find warriors, not lame establishment wannabes who are content with writing books and being hired by Fox News as pundits.

JimMtnViewCaUSA | January 18, 2012 at 11:12 am

I don’t know about the private difficulties between former-Rep Molinari and Gingrich, but I remember being surprised and disappointed to see her name on the list of politicians getting money from Fannie Mae some years back.
Rep. Susan Molinari (R-N.Y., $300,000 from Fannie Mae)

All this noise coming from the Romney camp now is the familiar adumbrations of the loser. The fretful huddling, the calculations and recalculations, the concerned advice coming in from allies, the desperate recycled ad buys. No confidence, no sangfroid, no inspiration. Loser. Lose now, lose later, but lose he will.

    Hope Change in reply to raven. | January 18, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Woo! Raven! adumbrations! I agree with everything you wrote.

    Remember when the communists were fighting with each other in NY back in the — 1940’s ? — and one of them said of another, every word she says is a lie, including “and” and “the.”

    Well, every word you wrote is true.

I think the clips in Major Garrett’s column work in Romney’s favor. But I don’t like social conservatives because I think they drive people away from supporting republicans.

Also, say what you will about Molinari, but her characterizations of Gingrich are not novel or unreasonable. Just like the complaints about Romney and his tax returns are not unreasonable.

    iambasic in reply to TomB. | January 18, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    “But I don’t like social conservatives because I think they drive people away from supporting republicans”

    Hahaha – yeah, family values stuff is soooo last century – hahaha!

    Why is it then that when Democrats run for national office they tout their traditional family friendly cred?

      Family values are still important for an individual to have. Wanting the government to impose its own set of family values on everyone is different. And that is why social conservatives are exactly the same as big government liberals.

        iambasic in reply to TomB. | January 18, 2012 at 1:19 pm

        Wrong. Social conservatives don’t want to “impose” their own set of family values, they just don’t want leftists to take away their ability to practice their values.

          punfundit in reply to iambasic. | January 18, 2012 at 2:58 pm

          Welllllll… Huckabee was quite willing to impose.

          I am generally conservative socially, but I do not want these issues handled at the federal level (excepting defense of civil liberties).

          Just look at the abortion fiasco. The left loves centralizing issues at the highest level because they can’t fight these issues at the local level. Put another way, the left likes one big shrieking fight as opposed to thousands of little quiet battles.

          Hope Change in reply to iambasic. | January 19, 2012 at 12:02 am

          Agreed, punfundit.

          In addition, the Left can’t win at the local level, because the average person doesn’t agree with the Left once they find out what the Left has in mind.

          So the Left goes and does an end run around the law, as when they announced in the 50’s the the US Supreme Court is the last and final arbiter and is “supreme” over everyone and all other government. As Newt says, this is factually untrue, Jefferson himself said it would be an absurdity to have “judicial supremacy.” The Left has been trying to use the courts to impose their references on everyone else ever since.

          I believe that most social conservatives agree that values are something we learn from our families and perhaps our religion, but they see that, left unchecked, the Left just keeps dragging our society more and more into sets of rules in which no values are upheld and the worst common denominator gets to rule.

          The Left is also on a never-ending quest, because its true goal is not civil rights or liberation for anyone. Its true goal is to destroy the moral fabric of our society so that we won’t have the moral will to oppose communism.

          And when you study the communists, you learn that they consider lying just one more tool for tricking and dominating the USEFUL IDIOTS.

          So this is the problem for those of us who want to live and let live, but every time we turn our back we learn that pornography is protected “speech,” and burning the flag is protected “speech,” but your right to political speech can be abridged (thank you , John McCain and Sen. Feingold, and the house and senate, and George W. Bush, oh PLEASE, NOT!) to the advantage of incumbents, and you can’t say a prayer at a high school graduation.

          So how to live and let live with mutual respect, when the Left shows no respect, and is constantly trying to undermine our culture, all the while claiming to care about civil rights.

[…] Professor Jacobson on Romney’s accusations that Gingrich is undisciplined: Theater of the absurd is an understatement. While Newt was advocating for the Contract with America and helping pass welfare reform and other conservative agenda items, Mitt Romney was running away from almost everything on the conservative agenda. […]

Stay on target, Newt! Stay on target!

Let’s clarify things a bit…

“While Newt was advocating for the Contract with America and helping pass welfare reform and other conservative agenda items…”

and pointing the finger and publicly calling out Bill Clinton for his affair with Lewinsky… Newt was actually gettin’ busy in the back office with one Calista Bisek. “Mr. Family Values” was working on Divorce #2, even as he was publicly crowing about the sanctity of marriage.

Newt Gingrich is nothing more than America’s Biggest Hypocrite. Intelligent voters see that, and are shunning him accordingly.

“It doesn’t matter what I do. People need to hear what I have to say. There’s no one else who can say what I can say. It doesn’t matter what I live.”

The White House deserves a true “First Lady”… and “lady” is not a word I would use for the current gold digger masquerading as Mrs. Newt Gingrich #3.