Last night’s debate reminded people of why Newt surged in the fall before Romney’s SuperPAC and almost the entire conservative media went after him in December.

This was one of the highlights (which led to Juan williams asking the ill-fated follow-up on the “food stamp president” line):

Here were some reactions from more neutral observers:

Larry Sabato:

Laura Ingraham:

But the best focus was by Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics (h/t HotAir):


 You know, the Honey Badger (a very funny NSFW version is here):

Who do you want taking on Obama? Will our nominee be predator or prey?

Update:  Those of you who watched the NSFW version of the Honey Badger video will appreciate this: Honey Badger Viral Sensation Heading to TV (h/t @Allahpundit)


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