Some things to mull as we await the close of the polls in New Hampshire at 8 p.m. Eastern.  A new results post will go live at about 7:30 p.m. Eastern.  I’m going to handle it in a manner similar to the NY-09 night, not a Live Event but an update of results and other observations.

In the meantime:

  • Did Chris Christie tell some woman to be prepared to give a ….?  I thought so when I heard it.  Does that make me a depraved freak?
  • Perry may not qualify for CNN South Carolina debate.
  • By how much does Romney need to beat his 2008 New Hampshire 31.6% vote share to declare victory?
  • Links to others not buying into the criticism of Bain is criticism of capitalism meme.
  • 2012 promises to be the most heckler-intensive presidential race ever.
  • more to follow.
  • Someone tell Frank Luntz the camera is always on and the mic is always hot.
  • Fox News released some exit poll data, and it looks like independents will be about 45% of the voters, twice Iowa, and they are splitting the vote about equally among Romney, Paul and Huntsman.  Percentage of voters self-identifying as conservative was much lower than Iowa (I can’t remember the % Fox News quoted).
  • more
  • Would-be dead man voter stopped at polls.
  • Horrors, Newt has an attack ad on abortion up in South Carolina.  Wait, haven’t we heard all day that Newt should be attacking on something other than Bain?