Full speech by Rick Perry withdrawing from the race and endorsing Newt.

If you want just the section endorsing Newt, it’s here, but I recommend listening to the whole speech, it’s worth it.

The Perry endorsement is huge not because Perry had a large percentage (although even a few percent helps), but because of his words about Newt’s conservatism, the need not just to replace Obama but to replace him with a conservative visionary, and redemption and everyone being imperfect.  That last point is particularly important in light of the ABC News interview and Drudge headlines about Newt’s ex-wife.

Polling in the past two days confirms that Newt is surging in South Carolina:

PPP – “1st night of our South Carolina polling: Gingrich 34, Romney 28, Paul 15, Santorum 14, Perry 5.”

Rasmussen – Gingrich 33, Romney 31, Paul 15, Santorum 11, Perry 2.

NBC Marist – Romney up 5 in post-debate polling.


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