Why is he doing this? Is his campaign really that incompetent?

Having successfully shut down scrutiny in the primaries (but not the general election) of his Bain record with unfounded cries of “Newt’s attacking capitalism and free markets,” Romney is back to what started it all, the demand that Newt give back the money he lawfully earned through consulting with Freddie Mac (h/t Ed Morrissey):

As Morrissey notes, Newt’s campaign already has diffused another line of Romney’s Freddie Mac attack, quickly asking for the release of his consulting contract before the Florida primary.

Romney will go on the offensive at tonight’s debate demanding that more Freddie consulting records be released.  Which will give Newt the perfect opportunity to point out Romney’s cleansing of his gubernatorial records:

People who destroy hard drives shouldn’t demand records from others.

Of course, there’s another response Newt could give.  It’s been used before, but it fits.


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