Amazingly, while Barack Obama’s college, law school, and State Senate records are sealed in a vault to which there is no key, The Wall Street Journal has uncovered Newt’s employment records from the 1970s when he was teaching history and then geography at West Georgia College and campaigning for Congress.

The records are not at all harmful, although the WSJ story attempts to paint Newt as overly ambitious and always seeking bigger things.  Has anyone ever doubted Newt’s ambition and that he sought bigger things?

One interesting item in the file (at p. 32) was a newspaper clipping of Newt campaigning with Barry Goldwater at his side as Newt challenged the Democratic incumbent in 1976.

A columnist at The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, who includes another photo of the 1976 campaigning with Goldwater, credits Newt with helping build the Republican Party in Georgia:

Long before there was a mighty Republican machine running Georgia, there was a handful of brash conservatives plotting to lift their tiny, financially struggling party so they could end more than a century of Democratic dominance.

Among the chief architects was Newt Gingrich, a West Georgia College assistant professor who ran for Congress three times in a blue-collar district — twice against an entrenched Talmadge Democratic incumbent — before finally winning.

Gingrich, now a presidential hopeful, traveled West and North Georgia during the 1970s and ’80s, preaching the Republican gospel and arguing that the GOP had to choose between remaining a silent, permanent minority or aggressively taking the fight to Democrats.

He chose confrontation and played the role of provocateur, unwilling to accept second place….

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Savannah, calls Gingrich an “indispensable early trailblazer” for Georgia Republicans. Kingston remembers his college days, when Gingrich came to the University of Georgia to recruit students to get involved in GOP politics.

Newt’s conservatism isn’t something concocted by campaign strategists, he’s lived it his entire political life and fought battles which would have made lesser candidates run against conservatism just to get elected.

It’s a wonder that the convenient conservatives are so demeaning, but that’s the age we live in, and apparently our presumptive future.

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