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Money well spent

Money well spent

Alan Grayson still appears here every now and then.

Elizabeth Warren hasn’t been seen for a long time, I guess she’s on work detail helping build the roads for the factory owners to use.

But I’ve noticed a lot of these lately:

I can handle that.  So long as she stays away.


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to the full extent allowed by law.



Sometimes I regret having Adblock on because I miss out on funnies like this.

Ann Coulter is said to be close friends with Bill Maher.

I now understand that what afflicts Mr. Maher is neither nature nor nurture. It’s a contagion.

You need AC to remind you that Chris Christie would have been the only “articulate Republican for president since Ronald Reagan.”

AC must have forgotten about that guy Newt that was only mentioned once in the Reagan Diaries….just sayin.

I like the big, red ‘donate’ button on Romney’s site

All you’re really doing is saving Mittens a few bucks out of his own pocket, it’s not like you’re enabling/catalyst for anything that wouldn’t be happening without you

How inspiring