The claim by Nancy Pelosi that she had secret information on Newt has been thoroughly debunked …. by Pelosi’s press secretary.

Yet Mitt Romney, not his SuperPAC but his own campaign, just started running an advertisement in Florida claiming otherwise.

How much more deceptive could the ad be?  The ad features prominently a comment from Pelosi about information so secret she kept it from her husband, but the barely visible citation is to a comment by Pelosi from 1997.

Update:  The ad is even more misleading than I thought.  Via Tip Line, here’s the link to the original 1997 article, and the reference to something “so secret” had nothing to do with leaking information about Newt, merely the congressional inquiry itself:

In a lengthy interview with The Chronicle, Pelosi provided an  inside look at  the controversial investigation into Gingrich — an  inquiry so secret that she  once had to ask her husband to leave the  bedroom at 3 a.m. so she could  privately conduct business on the  phone.

So it’s lie upon lie.