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Might be worth a lot of money someday

Might be worth a lot of money someday

Or not.  But now that Maurice “Red” Hinchey is retiring, you may want to bookmark these images.

Thanks to a Cornell student reader for this photo:


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Let’s analyze: “We Can’t Drink Natural Gas. Say No to Fracking”

This declaration is an unintentional insight into the “green” soul.

Why not: “We Can’t Survive Hypothermia Without Natural Gas. Say Yes to Fracking”?

Does the greenie disapprove of death by dehydration, but is OK with death by hypothermia?

This greenie is a “green communist” and simply opposes widespread high standards of living enjoyed by the Western world and seeks global “equality”.

The Lib Bumper Sticker Cadets ride again.

“War is not the answer” — just love it. As other bloggers have written in the recent past, it all depends on what the question is. if someone espouses your own personal, violent death and cannot be rationally dissuaded from fulfilling their dreams, you’d better reassess your options.

Locks are not the answer, unless you wish to deter burglars from stealing your stuff. (Helllllo Occutards who’ve had their stuff ripped off! Welcome to the real world!) Perhaps a deadbolt might be a socially-acceptable answer.

Major surgery to remove a malignant, life-threatening tumor is not the answer, unless perhaps you’d rather just wither away in a long, lingering, painful death. Freedom of choice!

I forget which weak-kneed candidate of recent elections opined that he’d willingly let his wife (or daughter?) be attacked and raped rather then “answering” by means of a Smith & Wesson-delivered case of lead poisoning to the attacker. Same linguine-spined worldview.