Maurice Hinchey is the Democratic Congressman for the soon to disappear NY-22 District, which snakes its way from college town to college town in upstate NY ending up in Ithaca.

I’ve highlighted Hinchey before.  He made Dennis Kucinech look like Dick Cheney.  And he didn’t take kindly to pesky reporters.

In 2010, George Phillips ran a good campaign but lost.  Phillips is running again, but it’s not yet clear what the district will look like since NY State lost 2 congressional seats.  NY-22 as it existed almost certainly will not survive.

While Hinchey had health problems, he probably would have run again if the district remained intact.  But redistricting meant he’d have a toughter time.  So Hinchey will be retiring (h/t @JazzShaw).

Believe it or not, this area of upstate — excluding the college towns — is pretty conservative.  I’ll keep you updated.