Did you witness the pile on Newt last night about his vision for new space exploration and the reinvigoration of the space industry?

While some of Newt’s space ideas (they’re just ideas, not proposals) are grandiose in the way we always have dreamed of space, his proposals for private industry incentives and the desire not to cede space to China and Russia regularly are mocked and lambasted as crazy, or in Mitt’s word, “zany.”

Dan McLaughlin has an ironic tweet making the point about the hypocrisy of the punditry:

Here a quote from one of the links, The Lunacy of Our Retreat from Space:

But look up from your BlackBerry one night. That is the moon. On it are exactly 12 sets of human footprints — untouched, unchanged, abandoned. For the first time in history, the moon is not just a mystery and a muse, but a nightly rebuke. A vigorous young president once summoned us to this new frontier, calling the voyage “the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked.”

And so we did it. We came. We saw. Then we retreated.

How could we?

Before you click on the link, which of Newt’s harshest critics do you think said that?

Managing our decline, or inspiring the nation.  Just one of the choices for Florida voters next Tuesday.

If the polls are correct, Florida will choose managed decline.