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Looks like Wisconsin heading for recall election

Looks like Wisconsin heading for recall election

Organizers of the recall effort against Scott Walker say they have filed over 1 million signatures, almost double the number needed to obtain a recall election, reports JSOnline*:

Democrats and organizers will file petitions with more than a million signatures Tuesday afternoon as they seek to force a recall election against Gov. Scott Walker, a massive number that seems to cement a historic recall election against him for later this year….

The paper petitions, weighing 1.5 tons, will be delivered by truck to the state Government Accountability Board’s office two blocks from the Capitol in Madison. The board, which runs state elections, will then take them to a secure state building that will be guarded by Capitol Police until all the petitions are electronically scanned over several days.

Next begins the months-long process of reviewing the petitions. If the accountability board determines enough valid signatures have been filed it will call elections, which may occur in June or later.

Pro-Walker forces have organized to check the petitions, but they would have to knock out a massive number to avoid a recall election.

Walker appeared on Rush’s show today:

This is going to be a massive fight, and one we must win. Links to Walker’s website and donate links are on the WI-Recall 2012 page.

[* Note: JSOnline just put up a paywall similar to The NY Times, where one gets 15 free visits a month.  Much like The Providence Journal in RI, this is a foolish attempt to cut itself off which will result in it diminishing its role as a website of record for Wisconsin.  Just as I rarely now link to ProJo, so too I’ll start searching for other Wisconsin news sources.]


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BannedbytheGuardian | January 17, 2012 at 3:55 pm

Wisconsin . One million rebels without a cause.

    Probably a lot less than one million. The leftists in Wisconsin are notorious cheaters. So much so that many of them brag about having signed multiple petitions using names of everyone they know. They are probably thousands of made-up names and addresses. A Federal judge has ordered them to prepare a data base of all recall petitions signers, which may help a little in winnowing some invalid petitions. But no matter, the recall will probably happen. On the bright side it gives Governor Walker a chance to educate voters how much his reforms have benefited the intended beneficiaries of education, i.e., students, and everyone in the Badger state who is not a member of the teachers union (and many who are members and who have taken advantage of having their union dues become voluntary.)

    I wonder how many of the signatures were from the “Mouse” family?

Rush talked with Walker on the radio today.

Scott Walker: A Man on the Bleeding Edge
RUSH: A couple of things here about Governor Walker in Wisconsin. You are looking at somebody on the bleeding edge, not just the cutting edge. This guy is at the forefront of where every other governor in this country is gonna eventually end up. The unions, state employee, public employee unions are bleeding every state dry. He took them on. He has turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a projected $300,000 million surplus, all because the state employees are paying a portion — not all, a portion — of their benefits, like the people in the state who work for them pay for their own stuff. Now, the Illinois method of trying to deal with this was to raise taxes 66%, and it did not help them. It’s killed them — and that decision was made by a lame duck Democrat legislature in Illinois.

The bulk of WI’s public employees must be consuming too much of their favorite exported dairy product. Just can’t think logically. Course not sure they ever did.

I live in California, but I know that doesn’t really matter. Is there an easy way for me to register and vote in Wisconsin to support Walker?

The recall petition, brought to you by “Wisconsins against reality” and our brothers in arms, “Greeks against reality”, digging our way out of holes since 2008.

1.5 tons for 1 million names? Even allowing for the weight of the boxes containing the petitions that’s a bit heavy.

Either there are some rocks in those boxes, or a bunch of petitions with less than 5 signatures on them. (And even fewer verifiable names.)

So Wisconsin’s economy is improving in every key category since Walker became governor. And the Communists are livid. Indeed, this very improvement is cause to destroy him. He must be destroyed — and now — as a lesson to all reformers. It is bad enough that he broke the unions’ unsustainable parasitic hold on the government and taxpayer, but every day that the economy improves and the lessons of his watershed actions spread, the more the Communists stand to lose everywhere else.

    So Wisconsin’s economy is improving in every key category since Walker became governor.

    That’s not what I read.

    I don’t believe that Walker deserves recall, but I am unconvinced that he deserves my out-of-state support.

      raven in reply to gs. | January 17, 2012 at 7:19 pm

      There have been some recent setbacks related to jobs lost vs. jobs gained, but the state remains in net positive category in his term. Moreover, his union reforms have saved 75 school districts over $160 million.

      Walker instituted systemic reforms which will reverberate for years. He took on the most rooted threat to fiscal health in government, making him a target of the Leftist union-government cartel across the country. I think he deserves out-of-state support.

        1. The bottom line is private-sector job growth. That’s what Walker based his campaign on, and that is what’s apparently falling short (I cite the link for its links to government statistics).

        2. If I lived in WI and hadn’t lost a private-sector job, I would vote against recalling Walker. In view of the extravagance of his election promise, not every swing voter may see it that way.

        3. Walker’s arguable underperformance to date does not warrant recall, but life is not fair. I do not see sufficient reason to contribute my out-of-state time or money. Afaic this one’s up to the Republican establishment.

        4. The voters of Wisconsin’s fellow Midwestern state Ohio emphatically rejected Republican attempts to rein in government unions. The fact that they’re mistaken is irrelevant to Walker’s predicament; the way they voted is not.

        5. It’s because of the uuuunions…and George Soros…and the Commies! Uh huh.

        The Demonrats would be worse. We can’t let them win. (*expletives deleted*)

        6. Advice for Scott Walker from a marginal sympathizer without a dog in the fight: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

      punfundit in reply to gs. | January 17, 2012 at 7:20 pm

      No offense gs, but in this particular issue I prefer to ignore “facts” as regard Gov. Walker’s pending future when they come from a “Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin Business News” outlet.

Walker should be on the Vice Presidential short-list whoever becomes the GOP nominee this summer. Scott Walker needs to groomed for a Presidential run, the sooner the better. If he is chosen for the Vice Presidential nod, and the Republicans win, the recall election becomes a moot point, does it not?

    logos in reply to McCoy2k. | January 17, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    Suppose that would happen and the Republican ticket is elected, who becomes governor? Would the Lt. Governor then fill the vacant Governor’s office?

      McCoy2k in reply to logos. | January 17, 2012 at 6:32 pm

      That’s the question, is the recall election just about ousting Walker? If so, the recall election removes that specific person from office, which would then be fulled by the next-in-line officeholder.

      The question is: does the lieutenant governor elected as a team with the gubernatorial candidate, or is it a separate election? One would assume if the logic of the first is true, then both the both offices would be vacated, but if the second is true, Walker is succeeded by the independently-elected lieutenant governorship, who is also a Republican.

      Of course, if the recall election also holds language to elect a replacement at the same time of removal, then this is moot discussion. If the recall election is worded that way and the Democrats succeed at their do-over election (which is what they’re aiming), then the only option left is for conservatives to take their capital, productivity, and families to more business friendly states. In a way, going John Galt would be more effective at the state level than at the federal level.

    punfundit in reply to McCoy2k. | January 17, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    I would much rather keep him in Wisconsin. He is a strategic asset there.

    Nah. John Bolton should be the VP choice. He’ll kick ’em in the nuts and put America back where we belong, on the top of the heap.

It is so sad when a few can screw it up for all 🙁

    The few? Over 1 million–lol. Awesome news. Gableman, you’re next.

      punfundit in reply to Blake. | January 17, 2012 at 7:44 pm

      So you believe it’s perfectly legitimate for one-quarter of the *potential* Wisconsin electorate (whether they’re registered to vote or not) to be empowered to override the will of the actual electorate who voted?

      That is practically the same logic which animates these entitlement pigs who kvetch about the fiction of “collective bargaining rights.” Imagine, a tiny minority of the Wisconsin electorate who draw their paycheck from the Wisconsin taxpayers at large actually claiming a “right” which nobody else in Wisconsin enjoys, which they needed a law to be passed for it to become reality, and which is in reality a legal entitlement to override the will of the voters.

      An entitlement, not a right. The Constitution guarantees that We The People enjoy the right to peaceably assemble, to speak our minds, and enter into contracts, among so many others, but the Constitution grants none of us power to *force* our will on the public at large (save preserving our civil liberties). This is an entitlement under law which allows a small gang of public employees to cram down the throats of *every* Wisconsin voter any luxury of employment they see fit to pursue. It is an obscenity.

      These entitlement whores in Wisconsin care not one bit about their fellow Wisconsinites. They care only for filling their bank accounts with money others produce, then exercise a vicious power nobody else can claim in order to squeeze more money. Despicable pigs.

        jimbo3 in reply to punfundit. | January 17, 2012 at 8:42 pm

        How is this “overriding the will of the actual electorate who voted”? All this does is allow the electorate to vote again in the recall election.

          punfundit in reply to jimbo3. | January 17, 2012 at 10:32 pm

          There should be no recall in the first place. The people expressed their will in the general election. Now we have this ridiculous measure which empowers an absolute minority to overturn the election. Insane.

          Blake in reply to jimbo3. | January 18, 2012 at 2:30 pm

          punfundit, if you don’t like this “ridiculous measure,” then work to amend the Wisconsin constitution. That’s where the recall mechanism comes from. You know, fundamental law. And where are you getting this “absolute minority” business from? A “minority” makes the recall election a possibility; a majority of people still have to vote in favor of a recall. I think you need to include more facts in your diet.

          punfundit in reply to jimbo3. | January 18, 2012 at 3:50 pm


          Does an election mean nothing to you? What is the point of electing anyone if a minority of “concerned citizens” can overturn that election? The very fact of a recall election occurring means the original election meant nothing.

          Don’t you think if I could “recall” Barack Obama I would? Of course I would! But that doesn’t make it the right thing to do. We have elections for a reason. In this country, we have regular elections to prevent malcontents and transient populism from tearing communities (or the whole country) apart. Recall measures are legalized mob rule.

          If Wisconsin voters think their Governors should be “checked” on occasion, then have two-year terms of office, or one-year terms. Make them regular elections so the Wisconsin voter can have their rightful (and final) say.

          jimbo3 in reply to jimbo3. | January 18, 2012 at 4:23 pm

          pubfindent, I think you’re just wrong. Here in Texas, we have no way to put propositions on the ballot for general or special state-wide elections and we also have no way to recall any elected official (as far as I can tell). And our legislature meets only one every other year.

          Tell me how that is good democracy when the citizens can’t put something on the ballot with, say, 500000 signatures. We’re dependent on the idiots in the Texas legislature to actually listen to their constituencies (which they really don’t do).

The people of WI have a very clear choice in front of them. If they fail to come in out of the rain, let them have what they deserve. Yes, the Democratic Socialists and the unions will try to steal this election, however, if this issue comes down to the wire – that means that not enough people in WI were the custodians of their own welfare. If Walker is recalled then we can print up new bumper stickers that say, No federal bailouts for EITHER CA or WI.

    This is not just a Wisconsin matter. The unions have been pouring untold dollars into Wisconsin to push back against sound fiscal governance. If they succeed on this battleground, expect union muscle to be flexed in other states trying to operate within their means. this is a battle to enslave the private sector to subsidize public employees unions.

    How long do you think it’ll be before CA, IL, NY, etc ask Uncle Sugar Sam to bail it out because the public unions have sucked the coffers dry?

    How do you feel about a federal bailout of union sponsored public deficits in blue states?

      VinnyJ300M in reply to logos. | January 17, 2012 at 6:17 pm

      How do you feel about a federal bailout of union sponsored public deficits in blue states?

      Been there, done that. It was called “stimulus” the first time around.

        Ipso Facto in reply to VinnyJ300M. | January 17, 2012 at 7:19 pm

        I am 100% sure that CA, IL, NY and other liberal utopias will one day soon be asking for federal bailouts. And I am 100% sure that the unions are putting big bucks into the WI recall. This is why Operation Counterweight is so important.

        These times are not good indicators about our future. America is going to make a choice in November. Either the parasites or the working people are going to win in that election. Either way our nation is deeply divided as we can all see.

        If the parasites win in November, don’t look for the working class people to just sit back and say, Oh well…

        If the parasites win in WI or in November, there will be lines drawn in the sand and people will start to take actions in the domains they have influence over such as the workplace, etc. I know when head count is lowered here exactly who is going to go. And if we add people, I know exactly what type of people we will not hire.

        The worm that is causing the entire apple to rot is our educational system. Until we get the feds out of education and start teaching kids what America is about – the divide in America will simply grow and we will eventually have a much greater number of incidences of localized periods of civil unrest.

    Correct, but with Obama in our White House, he will do whatever he can to bail out his socialist brothers and sisters everywhere.

Time to put our money where our conviction is. If Wisconsin falls, so goes the rest of us. Pray fervently + Donate generously.

    Ipso Facto in reply to Aucturian. | January 17, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    I don’t believe WI will be the beginning of the dominoes falling. We have a number of states where the unions will never gain any traction. If certain states want to give power to the unions – let them. The only people that will derive any harm from allowing the unions to gain traction are the people that allow it.

    As I have said above, people are not simply going to sit back and just take union proliferation in certain places as a matter of stride. Look for people to start boycotting states when it comes time for conventions, building plants, and other types of economic activity. We not only vote at the ballot box, we can vote every time we spend a dollar.

My guess is that if a petition has two names on it, at least one of them will be phony. The party wanting the recall claims their voters are incapable of getting a photo ID. Only reason I can think of is voter fraud. There appears to be a tremendous amount of talk coming from the signers that the signers are going to commit fraud. Why not believe them?

    McCoy2k in reply to pagar. | January 17, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    There should be a reform to the recall petition that goes something like this; “Signatories for the petition void their participation in the recall vote.” Not that it would stop cheating and voter fraud, but it could possibly make it more obvious for court challenges.”

A friend recently shared the joy that her property tax bill went down hundreds of dollars from last year. Great news! Scott Walker’s reforms are working!

The irony, you ask? She is a local ‘Recall Scott Walker’ organizer who will stop at nothing to boot him from the Governor’s office. She is so blinded by her ideology that she refuses to give credit where credit is due – the brave legislators and Scott Walker for bringing fiscal sanity back to Wisconsin.

Now, if he could only put a stop to all of the damn roundabouts being built in SE Wisconsin… but that is another story. =)

[…] a million signatures were submitted on petitions for a recall of Governor Walker, ‘most wanted’ is a great […]

This will be the first election I ever donate money towards. Walker HAS to win.

Not behind a paywall, and to which I will make my first donation of 2012 is
I will also look into verifying signatures. This is a bellwether on not only Walker, unions, but also the general enthusiam about ousting Obama.
On the other hand, I note that even Feingold has declined to enter the race. Hmmmmmmm, let’s see……..Walker turned an enormous deficit into a surplus without a tax increase and without layoffs, and reduced property taxes in the process? No wonder Feingold passed.

I donated last month and can think of few better causes.

We need Scott Walker in California – if Wisconsin is stupid enough to run him out… let’s move him out here.

I had no idea there were a million union members in WI. What would be the ratio with total population? And to think voters, by and large, don’t have it as good as these million names who evidently want more.

I think the left made a mistake in manufacturing so many signatures. 700,000 would not have caused such a stir. Over 1,000,000 makes so much more believable that the left in engaging in wholesale voter fraud.

Furthermore, those agencies and organizations creating the signatures will become far more suspect of nefarious behaviors.

Thoughts on how we are going to fight this in Wisconsin.
1.) Every bs name will get mocked on blogs, letters to the editor and ads.
Mickey Mouse says it’s time for a recall!
2.) We will remind voters of how the property tax in most districts are flat or have dropped.
3.) We will remind voters how messed up Illinois is with the nation’s worst debt rating because it elects socialists like the Wisconsin democrats
4.) We will remind voters that this recall is costing millions of dollars that could be spent on real state functions
5.) We will find and mock the fake votes – if we find enough to stop the recall we win.
6.) If the election is held we will get out the vote like never before – oh and this year no dead bodies voting as you have to show an ID. All of the ghost voters will vanish and the 16 year olds that signed the petition but can’t vote will vanish and we will win.
7.) If we lose the election the reaction in the productive community will be another sting stroke as jobs will leave the state. As the state transforms into Illinois people will learn that socialism sucks.

Don’t worry, folks. The petitions are guarded by the Capitol Police. They did a great job of securing the WI State House from the mobs and protecting the Republican legislators.