Organizers of the recall effort against Scott Walker say they have filed over 1 million signatures, almost double the number needed to obtain a recall election, reports JSOnline*:

Democrats and organizers will file petitions with more than a million signatures Tuesday afternoon as they seek to force a recall election against Gov. Scott Walker, a massive number that seems to cement a historic recall election against him for later this year….

The paper petitions, weighing 1.5 tons, will be delivered by truck to the state Government Accountability Board’s office two blocks from the Capitol in Madison. The board, which runs state elections, will then take them to a secure state building that will be guarded by Capitol Police until all the petitions are electronically scanned over several days.

Next begins the months-long process of reviewing the petitions. If the accountability board determines enough valid signatures have been filed it will call elections, which may occur in June or later.

Pro-Walker forces have organized to check the petitions, but they would have to knock out a massive number to avoid a recall election.

Walker appeared on Rush’s show today:

This is going to be a massive fight, and one we must win. Links to Walker’s website and donate links are on the WI-Recall 2012 page.

[* Note: JSOnline just put up a paywall similar to The NY Times, where one gets 15 free visits a month.  Much like The Providence Journal in RI, this is a foolish attempt to cut itself off which will result in it diminishing its role as a website of record for Wisconsin.  Just as I rarely now link to ProJo, so too I’ll start searching for other Wisconsin news sources.]


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