The election was close going down to the wire between Santorum and Romney, with no winner declared as of this writing, with both in the 24% range.  Paul was at about 21%, Newt at 13%, Perry at 10%, and Bachmann at 5%.  (Results not final)

The big news is that Newt gave a rip-roaring speech signaling he’s going on attack, and Romney failed to get the 25.3% he received in 2008.

Here are the Tweets of the Night:

The “Mitt wished too hard for something, and is going to get it” Tweets (also here, here, here)

The “I don’t take myself too seriously” Tweet:

The “I’m liking what I see” Tweet:

The “I decide what’s relevant” Tweet:

The “let’s be the Mean Guy” Tweet:

 The “I long for the Dukakis in a tank photo” Tweet: