Come on Cheeseheads.  So what if your team isn’t going to the Super Bowl, we need someone to get us out of the funk.  Or at least me.

I’ve long predicted that a Scott Walker win in the recall will be the perfect launch to the presidential campaign against The One.

Looks like Gov. Walker is doing okay in some early polling.  Remember, someone specific will have to run against him if the recall petitions hold up. When a name is put up against him, he does well (h/t @CharlieSykes):

Gov. Scott Walker holds single-digit leads over several potential Democratic opponents in hypothetical recall matchups, according to a new statewide poll.

The poll was conducted Jan. 19-22 for the Marquette Law School by Charles Franklin, co-founder of and a visiting professor at Marquette, on leave from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The law school plans to poll throughout the year.

In the survey of 701 registered voters, Walker leads his 2010 opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, 50% to 44%. He leads former Dane County executive Kathleen Falk 49% to 42%. He also leads two other Democrats, former congressman Dave Obey and state lawmaker Tim Cullen.

In the poll, 51% of voters approved of Walker’s performance, while 46% disapproved. Those numbers are better for Walker than in other public polls in recent months.

In the same statewide poll, President Obama leads Republican Mitt Romney in a hypothetical matchup 48% to 40%.

The full poll is here:

Walker already has been raising big money, and spending big money:

A quirk in the state election law means donors can contribute unlimited sums to a recall target until petition signatures are verified, and Walker has raised $4.5 million in just five weeks. A million of that total came from just four people. Sixty-one percent of Walker’s contributions came from out of state.

But Walker has also been spending money — more money than he raised. In the same five weeks, the governor spent $4.9 million, a large chunk of it on TV and radio ads and direct mail solicitations. The unlimited funds must be spent before the recall is official (unless used for legal challenges).

You can find all the links to donate and support Walker at the Focus Page.