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Fred Thompson endorses Newt

Fred Thompson endorses Newt

This to be helpful to Newt not so much because it will change a particular vote, but because it adds to a helpful narrative for Newt and pushes back against the “erratic” meme being pushed by Romney and Santorum.

Video h/t ElectAd:


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Palin on Fox also appears to be expressing a qualified satisfaction w/ Gingrich as a nominee.

Ann Coulter makes the ridiculous claim that Romney is the most conservative. Look who’s backing whom:

Romney: Christie, McCain, Rove,…

Newt: Rush Limbaugh, Fred Thompson, Thomas Sowell, Todd Palin, Sarah Palin in so many words,…

The only conservative that came out for Romney that I know of is John Bolton. Disappointing. I think Bolton was fishing for a Secretary of State position.

Good to see Thompson again…a good guy that I supported last go round till he dropped out. Probably what caused me to more or less take a break from Republicanism for awhile. For me..and I know Im not alone..he and Newt both represent “similar things” for alot of us that object to safe and electible Republican choices. You know..the “generic” or “cookie cutter” choice we saw in 2008 and resist this go round.

I like Fred. I want him to do my reverse mortgage for me.

    Fred is probably doing those reverse mortgage commercials because he didn’t slop at the trough of elected politicians – and he’s got a young family to support, so he chose an honest capitalist way to earn a living rather than prostitute himself out as a lobbyist. – a la Tom Dascle.

Newt’s Jacksonian Revolution

“But there were 30,000 more votes cast than in 2000 and 157,000 more than in 2008. And they mostly came in the northern part of the state, in the Appalachian foothills and along the North Carolina border.

To put that in perspective, the total increase in Republican turnout in South Carolina from 2008 was greater than the entire turnout in Iowa this year. While both Iowa and New Hampshire saw only modest increases in Republican participation, South Carolina shattered old records and added a whole extra Iowa’s worth of new voters and gave Gingrich the most votes of any candidate in the state’s history.”

“the Republicans have been happy to get the support, it has also changed the composition and behavior of their primary electorate. The rule-following, establishment-friendly voters of the past have collided with the rebellious inhabitants of the Hillbilly Firewall.

Gingrich is an unlikely heir to Jackson, the horse-whipping, duel fighting military hero of the War of 1812, but he is doing the same thing that Old Hickory did: smash the establishment. How a man who was part of the establishment for so long can be seen as the one to smash it remains something of a mystery. But the best answer is probably that he is not the best vessel, but the only one available.”

Of course these were the same people behind Palin and they still look to her for guidance.

    StrangernFiction in reply to Viator. | January 24, 2012 at 11:03 am

    The establishment meme that Newt will cost the GOP the House and a chance at the Senate is projection. It is Romney that will have no coattails.

Whoops – I forgot to send Fred the memo with Anne Coulter’s marching orders.

DocWahala – figures he will have to work hard to get Anne’s forgiveness.

Cowboy Curtis | January 24, 2012 at 9:59 am

I’d rather have Teh Fred than any of them.

DINORightMarie | January 24, 2012 at 10:24 am

I just read this article at the American Spectator: The Sound of No Conservatives. It pretty much sums up my opinions on Newt, as well as hitting NBC for trying to stifle the free expression of the audience.

OT question: do you think the MSM (NBC in this case) is trying to make these debates seem so boring that when the general comes around, no one will be watching? That would stop Newt’s strength of taking on Obama in debates. And also: by “inviting” the audience, NBC (or any host) can control the audience response! Just wondering what others think about this whole NBC “debate” fiasco…….

(And an OT comment: I watched a clip of the Romney attack on Newt – and the “moderator” didn’t let Newt rebut the attack! It was clear that Romney had made his points, but when Newt tried to respond, Romney interrupted at least twice – and Mr. Brian “I bow to Obama, my leader” Williams did NOTHING. I’m glad I didn’t watch – I would have been screaming, going to bed MAD as a hornet!)

Also: Hot Air is trying to put together a blogger debate. Does this sound like a good idea to you? Is it worth watching to see if it comes about?

This make the FredMobile the NewtMobile! Yay!