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Dirty SC politics alert – Fake CNN e-mail

Dirty SC politics alert – Fake CNN e-mail

If there is a place which has more tawdry political practices, I’m willing to be convinced. But until further notice, South Carolina still is in lead, as reported by FITS News :

Double irony alert:  FITS News is the publication which claimed Nikki Haley had an affair.

Update:  It continues

More here.


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DINORightMarie | January 20, 2012 at 12:46 pm

So who is the source of this smear? Democrats? Or Romney super PAC “helpers”?

Or, perhaps this is from Dr. Paul’s lovely followers…..

I’m just tuning out all this personal nonsense and focusing on what is important:

“Give me Newt, or give me debt!”

I’ll admit to still being torn between newt and santorum, but newt is looking better all the time.

Obama and his fan boys in the media are desperate to get rid of Newt. They want Romney. Establishment Republicans, are you listening to your opponents? They will tell you a lot if you care to listen.

Midwest Rhino | January 20, 2012 at 1:21 pm

To counter that, I have a transcript of Mitt’s explanation for why he changed his mind so many times, and that we should now trust him. I changed the names to protect the guilty. Ann Coulter is the mystery woman … Jake is Mitt. Elwood is Sununu.

Mystery Woman: You miserable slug! You think you can talk your way out of this? You betrayed me.
Jake: No, I didn’t. Honest… I ran out of gas. I… I had a flat tire. I didn’t have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!
[Elwood covers his head in anticipation of more gunfire, Jake removes his sunglasses to make a wordless appeal, and the Mystery Woman visibly softens]
Mystery Woman: Oh, Jake… Jake, honey…
[Jake embraces the Mystery Woman and they kiss]
Jake: [to Elwood] Let’s go.
[He drops the Mystery Woman and walks off]
Elwood: [to the Mystery Woman as he steps past her] Take it easy.

    Midwest Rhino in reply to Midwest Rhino. | January 20, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    OK, sorry .. not funny … but that is the scene I thought of when Mitt said his integrity should not be questioned.

    But Santorum nailed him on the pro-life claim. The claim that it was the judge’s decision, not his. But reality is Mitt left out pro-life language, which he surely knew would result in public funding of abortions.

    and it fits with the “Say Anything” video … then smile big at the camera as you express sincerity in the new position. But he will leave conservatives behind if elected.

If you thin this is bad… Wait ’til the fall!

Newt’s response to the first question of the debate last night was nothing short of brilliant and in-your-face to the liberal hack moderator.

Count on the democrat attack apparatus to be ramped up fully and all I can suggest is to wear doo-doo camouflaged clothing a clothespin for your nose.

They took Cain down, (notice on how nothing else has developed in that arena?), and they can do the same to Newt or Romney or Santorum or…

Who in their right freakin’ mind would even consider running for national office in this environment? No wonder the best and brightest steer clear of such nonsense!

    Hope Change in reply to GrumpyOne. | January 20, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    Newt is one of the best and the brightest.

    I’m not saying he was the most emotionally mature or spiritually mature as a younger man.

    but he is one of the best and the brightest and that is why this is the chance of a lifetime.

This is typical SC politics. I have a very good idea who is behind it. FTS is usually right on with their sources, may be one of the most reliable SC blogs. I am willing to bet there is a good idea about the source.

The Pink Flamingo

theduchessofkitty | January 20, 2012 at 1:38 pm

South Carolina.

The state where McCain was a victim of a nasty attack in 2000 – someone accused him of having a “black baby” with someone else, just because he dared to show up in the campaign trail with his (Bangladeshi) adopted daughter…

There sure is something wrong with that state…

Oh, it gets better: Santorum was attacked by some element that seems to be connected with the same slime ball who said he had an affair with Nikki Haley…

Newt’s past was brought up to me by a liberal a few days ago and the question being how can he expect to be elected president. I just turned and said, well you see I was schooled by the Left that I was to ignore indiscretions that a candidate was involved in that were between him and his wife. The liberal idiot said well that was different than this, I said yes it was because Newt admits to cheating on his wife but he has never had anyone come out and accuse him of rape.

I really do not like Newt but Romney just turns my stomach.

[…] Romney support “collapsing” to 10 points nationally”. They are worried about dirty tricks in South Carolina, such as the Newt and abortion fake email making the rounds, but mostly they are happy campers. Newt has a good day after a good night when […]

if only we could use the same tactics on them ???

Does anyone doubt now that the left wants Romney for the election? They would not invest this amount of time attacking someone who didn’t matter. Just despicable. Viva la Reagan Revolucion!

What’s the problem with abortion? The left is for it. Mitt Romney was for it, before he was against it. Keep striking out.