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Allen West at the Revolution

Allen West at the Revolution

I have this video posted on the Focus Page, but it’s worth bringing forward in light of the redistricting approved by Republican leadership in the Florida legislature which will make it hard for West to get reelected, and the SuperPAC formed to target West and 9 other Tea Party House members.

Update:  Mark Levin interviewed West on January 30.  West stated that maps were submitted to the legislature which would have kept his district intact and still been in compliance with state and federal law.  Levin said he did not believe the excuses being made that the map had to be drawn the way it was as a matter of law.


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Ummm… “Alan” West?

Allen closed his newsletter today with the following cryptic message (after sending a press release giving the place and time he will be voting tomorrow). I wish I knew what was going on.

In closing, the Republican Florida Primary will finally be upon us tomorrow and it is my wish that our candidates would view the movie “Gladiator.” In the scene when they first stood in the Coliseum, the character Maximus stated: “Whatever comes out of that gate, if we all fight together we shall survive.” Our Republican candidates must “together” make the moral argument to the American people of the detrimental effect of President Obama’s failed policies. We need to let the people make the decision as to who is best to be our Gladiator to enter the arena. Always remember, the contrast of vision is simple. Ask yourself, Is America a country of equality of opportunity (Economic Freedom) or equality of achievement (Economic Dependency)?

DINORightMarie | January 30, 2012 at 7:02 pm

This pumps my morale up more than most videos……even that USA hockey win at the Olympics. 😉

Thanks for posting it.

God I loved that vid …up on my blog in a sec and I’ll twist the arms of the few folks who stop by to send him money ….by God

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Redistricting against Allen West? Isn’t that racist?

Three cheers and a dozen huzzahs for Colonel West!

I does not matter a wit that his district might be redistricted out of existence.

This, my friends, is a TRUE PATRIOT in the mold of Revere and Adams and Payne.

Fix Bayonets!

What is God’s name is wrong with the Republican party?
Are they purposely trying to destroy themselves?
The tea party is the light.
The tea party is We The People.
The tea party is the heart of America.

And the Republicans are trying to drive these patriots AWAY?

I just shake my head in disgust.

    Yes. It seems to me that this primary and the larger race will rest on the recognition among republican voters — or lack of recognition — that we’re at war with the Establishment. The actual, harsh and final recognition. How many will get it, based on the many disturbing turns of events even in the last few months and the strange mob-like rush toward Romney? How many others have noticed, along with the inceasingly brazen signs of contempt seen in Romney, the wider signs of an Establishment increasingly and unabashedly determined to crush the spirit and fact of the Tea Party and the grassroots challenge. It’s almost as if they sense a moment of opportunity here, personified through Romney’s candidacy, to finish us in one blow. Each day brings some new story, new intimations of intention — as if the possibility is racing through their ranks. E.g., I read today that the Ohio GOP is attempting to re-write party rules to essentially disqualify tea partiers from party involvement. Would they have tried this last year?

    It’s truly a war. It’s not so much Romney (whom I can’t really see in any terms but pathetic) but the entire establishment which he now represents. They’re at war with us, and may really feel as if they’re poised to deliver a deathblow to the tea party and grassroots cause.

      Tamminator in reply to raven. | January 30, 2012 at 10:07 pm

      My God, don’t these dolts realize that we Tea Partiers WON them the election in 2010?

      Gingrich herded the cats in “93 and they took over the House in ’94, and they spit on him.

      Who the fuck are these idiots? I am pissed.
      Sorry about my language but I am fucking pissed.

      Tea partiers need to regroup. Now.

      I was promising that I was ABO, but after watching this charade, I may not vote at all.
      And I’m not alone in this kind of thinking.

      Is the Republican party on a suicide mission?
      Don’t they give a crap about this NATION?
      I need a lobotomy.

      Hope Change in reply to raven. | January 30, 2012 at 11:25 pm

      raven: I think this is “THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.”

      Here’s the thing. In Wisconsin, the unions have lost their automatic deductions for public employees and their control of work rules, that used to be gamed to get people INSANE double, triple pay, INSANE pension payments, by manipulating sick leave, overtime, retirement rules and more. All they can bargain for now, I believe, is salary. Basically your “ding, dong, the witch is dead” kind of thing.

      So the unions and the Left are pouring huge resources into Wisconsin to try to defeat the governor in a Recall election.

      The problem for the unions is, schools, teachers, school districts, school boards, principals, municipalities are better off. The school children are better off. The taxpayers are better off. The teachers now pay about half as much for their health plans, the municipalities are solvent, no one got laid off, Scott Walker is replenishing the state treasury, Wisconsin is paying its debts. Wisconsin has added about 20,000 jobs, according what I’ve read.

      So it’s very possible the unions are going to lose this recall election. Because Wisconsin’s PEOPLE are doing better. This is one battle in the overall election war of 2012. “2012: VICTORY OR DEATH.”

      My mother told me tonight, my 88-year-old mother, who seriously wouldn’t hurt a fly, that she is ready to do battle with the Establishment Republicans. So that’s where we’re at. DO NOT mess with these grandmothers who want the future to be good for their grandchildren!

      I don’t think the Establishment is in a position to kill off the TEA Party. The TEA Parties are an expression of the energy of the American People. Oddly enough, the more I think about it, the more I also see the OWS as a similar energy, of people just absolutely FED UP.

      This is hard to see from the outside, but some of the OWS-ers are not in thrall to communism. I saw videos in which lots of them said they were in favor of capitalism. E.G.: emember this video by Peter Schiff?

      Those free-market-favoring OWS -ers may very well be excited and interested by the solutions Newt is proposing, if the OWS-ers ever find out about them. — Which they won’t if the MSM has anything to say about it, of course. — but guess what, we have the internet.

      So the point is, either way, there are WAY more of us than there are of them.

      I think this is an armageddon moment for the Establishment. Because if Newt wins, the TEA Party energy and, I believe, a lot of the OWS energy, is going to have a focal point and a channel to travel in, to restore the Constitutional basis for our government. Many of their ways of getting rich off the American people are going to shut down.

      So I think this is a big Battle at the Gate of Mordor. They are hoping to strangle the FREEDOM and DON’T TREAD ON ME energy before it can really become focused. The Establishment want to destroy the potential focal point, so that the energies of tremendous dissatisfaction have no way to channel themselves into meaningful restorations and reforms.

      So yes, it is a do-or-die moment. But I don’t think they are acting from a position of strength.

      They have no moral basis for the system they have put in place. Many of them do not add much, if any, value to our society or the world, and they know it. They are ashamed of the way they get their money, as perhaps they should be. They tell themselves that everyone does it, that all the world is just political patronage and corruption. But that is obviously false if you have a job that adds value to your world in a setting that is not corrupt.

      Newt has said that if he is our nominee, he is going to reach out the every American in every neighborhood, of every background, so that ever parent knows that we want every American to have the opportunity to pursue happiness. Think about this! So exciting. Paychecks, not food stamps. Education that actually works and does not abandon our children to poverty and a dead-end future.

      [BTW, have you seen “THE CARTEL”? OMG, if you haven’t, DO.
      I don’t think most of us could watch the little girl at the end who doesn’t make it into the charter school because of the lottery — her tears, her mother’s despair — without resolving that the reign of the unions running out schools is COMING TO AN END.]

      All their sweet ride of corruption is at risk if Newt wins. They will do everything they can to stop him and us.

      But they are acting from selfishness and they deserve to lose, and I think many of them know it. They want to make this doomsday for the TEA Parties, but they are on the wrong side of the flow of the new energy. Their power and energy are on the way out. This is a last, violent effort to hold on to their corrupt power. They won’t give up easily. We have to be tough and determined and smart and have lots of heart and stamina.

      So FLORIDA, all eyes are upon you tomorrow. God speed.

      I hope Florida helps us elect Newt.

listingstarboard | January 30, 2012 at 9:03 pm

Gingrich needs to have Allen West as his Vp–that combo can beat Romney/McDonnell buthe has to cement the deal and leak it pronto. Seriously, so many of us only voted for McCain because of Sarah, it would be exactly the same if Newt could get West. Imagine West and Biden in a debate.

As a resident of a safe Republican seat in Texas, Col. West is the ideal recipient of my financial and “word of mouth” support. I counsel like-minded patriots to follow suit.

Thanks, Prof – I needed that!

Henry Hawkins | January 30, 2012 at 9:58 pm

Of all the successful TP candidates from the 2010 cycle, Allen West is the only one I’m certain will not sell out to the establishment (who start trying to turn new folks their first day in office). I’m confident in many of them, but certain only about West.

I have been a fan of Allen West from the beginning, contributing to his successful run in Fl, and following his input in the freshman congress. However, this attempt to flypaper his district problems with Romney is a red herring, in people’s attempts to erroneously degrade Romney’s candidacy.

Sean Trende, the senior elections analyst at RealClearPolitics and author of “The Lost Majority,” e-mails to say that Florida’s redistricting law has tied the GOP’s hands on this. They have very little leeway on how they draw the new lines. Quote:

I can’t speak to the FL legislature’s motives, but it is nearly impossible to craft an R-leaning, non-Cuban district in SE FL under the current laws and comply with the Fair Districts Act. West’s current district runs up and down the Gold Coast, stretching inland in arms to gobble up Republican-leaning areas. It’s pretty thorough, and even then it is a swing district. Under Fair Districts, the Republican legislature can’t do that anymore. In fact, it is arguably stretching what it can do under the current iteration of West’s district. . .

Link to FL redistricting forcing West out of Congress

God bless Colonel West.
And God help the Republicans if they try to destroy him.
I am just having a day where I am sooo disheartened.
I’ll be back.
But I am thoroughly disgusted by all of this.

    Hope Change in reply to Tamminator. | January 30, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    Hi Tamminator — I know it is so frustrating. I feel that myself sometimes!

    — for courage, inspiration and to give me the heart to be strong, I often watch Newt’s “2012: VICTORY OR DEATH” speech. Actually, I get that from almost all of Newt’s speeches.

    Here are links to 17 speeches.

    In “2012: VICTORY OR DEATH,” Newt talks about George Washington and his tiny American Army, some without shoes, who marched through a snow storm and crossed the Delaware on Christmas Eve in 1776 with the password “victory or death,” because they knew that if they didn’t turn things around and win the Revolutionary War, the British would kill them or hang them. When I think of what they went through, it makes me want to be strong. Freedom will not be lost on my watch!

    In some of his other speeches, Newt talks about the Polish people and their ten-year struggle to end communism, dating from the Pope’s’ visit to the fall of Soviet empire. I think Newt talks about that in ‘MICHIGAN MUST CHANGE OR DIE.” Ten years.

    I believe the American people are very, very interested in remaining free and prosperous.
    I believe Newt’s message of paychecks and freedom is going to find support in every neighborhood.

    THIS, NOW, in FLORIDA, is the battle. THIS. NOW. The Republican Establishment is the front line. SOUTH CAROLINA led the way. Thank you to South Carolina!

    Because if Newt is the nominee, I strongly believe that Newt will win the general election. AND we will elect enough constitutionalist congressional representatives and Senators in that we will be able to pass the legislation we need to restore our country to the Constitution.

    So, to cheer you up … Have you listened to the Space Policy speech yet? It’s awesome. “NEWT’S TOWN HALL MEETING ON SPACE POLICY” – January 25, 2012 – Cocoa, Florida – 33:42

    So inspiring. In it, Newt says, “If I’m your president… ” and the crowed starts saying, “when you’re the president.” And Newt responds, “I don’t want to be presumptuous. Whether I will be president is up to God and the American people.”

    Newt’s proposals for space policy are so exciting and exhilarating, the speech is a tonic. The America of JFK. The can-do, enthusiastic Americans who are awesome, ingenious, prosperous and FREE.

    Tamminator, I appreciate your posts, your insights, your energy. I hope you feel better soon!

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | January 30, 2012 at 11:37 pm


“Will this country continue to be a Democracy that is By the people, Of the people, and For the people, or will it be ruled by the few, the elitists, the all powerfully endowed self-proclaimed establishment?”

My answer to this question is- It is all up to the people.. Collectively the majority in the mass populace called “We the People”, will either capitulate and surrender their Rights and Freedoms willingly to the few, like the obamacratic useful idiots already have, or they will fight to keep their Rights and Freedoms, no matter what, and keep their country a US Constitutional Republic.

War has not only been declared against Newt, by the GOP Republican Party RINO establishment, but they have also declared and are waging an all out war against the Tea Party movement, people, and all elected politicians, especially in Florida where they have made a concerted conspiratorial effect to oust Rep. Col. Allen West, by redistricting him out of conservative areas, which already has be done by a Romney aide..

Make no mistake about it, they are waging an all out war to destroy all the Reagan Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives from power and influence..  which is why we must not fail meet them head on, to get out the vote and message to all Patriotic Americans, all over the nation, but especially in Florida, as it is now ground zero in this fight to save America, and Reagan Conservatism.

“Newt SuperPac Advisor Claims Romney Campaign Pumped $15 Mil Into Florida”-

The message is loud and clear.. Romney and his GOP establishment and corporate banking and investment firm Goldman Sachs backers are saying- “We can buy this Primary election and the US Presidency, and that’s exactly what we are doing”..

There it is, the money and the establishment vs. the grass roots average American people, aka, We the People..

As far as the Reagan Constitutional Conservative Tea Party Patriots are concerned, we have only just begun to fight, and will NEVER capitulate to them, period.!!

FL-22 is surrounded by Democratic areas. It is heavily gerrymandered as currently drawn, which changes with the reforms that attempt to respect existing geographical and political boundaries.

Are you bad at math? The ONLY way to make 27 districts out of 25 AND not put more Democrats into 22 would be to gerrymander like crazy. I haven’t seen West’s plan, he hasn’t shown it. Let him. Or let someone else take a stab at it:

Remember to show your work!

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