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All that remains of Occupy Harvard are tiny tiny tents

All that remains of Occupy Harvard are tiny tiny tents

Occupy Harvard came to an inglorious end.

What was left of the encampment was blown down by strong winds, and carted away Friday evening.  People were heard yelling,, “they took the dome, they took the ….ing dome”:

Occupy Harvard issued the following statement:

Thank you to all those in the Harvard community and beyond who have expressed to us concern and dismay about the loss of the centerpiece of our physical encampment Friday night.

We do not believe that the seizure of our dome by Harvard administration was justified. We continue to call for Harvard to make good on its commitment to support free speech on campus.

To that end, the Tiny Tent Taskforce contingent of the newly formed OH Crafts Working Group convened on Saturday to decorate the site of our encampment.

Tiny tents? Yeah, the spirit of Occupy Harvard lives on in tiny tiny tents on a tiny tiny table somewhere not far from Harvard Yard, where tiny tiny people form tiny tiny human megaphones:

For a “history” of Occupy Harvard, visit Space Occupants.


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awww did socialism fail AGAIN?
gee who woulda thunk it…

They protested fraudulent exploitation, while embracing involuntary exploitation. While a society copes with the former through the rule of law, the latter is often resolved through a revolution. The “occupy” movement set the wrong priority, theirs. There is no evidence that Americans in any significant number are prepared for a revolution. Their predisposition, and rightly so, is to recover an equal application of law, which holds both civil servants and private citizens accountable for their actions.

Viva la revolucion! … or something.

They claim they were told to take down the dome “without cause.” Because you know, the fact that it just blow 15 feet and could have harmed someone in the process isn’t…like…cause…man.

That being said, I think a geodesic dome should be on every college campus. I’d use it as a jungle-Gym to blow offf steam before finals.

Just like those Ivory Towered Liberals to not respect the sanctity of Private Property!!!11!1

The first Occupier who takes a crap is going to wipe out that new Occupy encampment.

Tiny, tiny tents for tiny, tiny people with tiny, tiny ideas and tiny, tiny morals. Probably males with tiny, tiny, … nevermind.

Odd that Occupy Harvard comes to an end just as we find out the some of the major investors in Bain Capital are college endowments.

Were these citizens of Occupy Lilliput given a smaller version of Hope and Change?