ABC is hosting a debate Saturday night.  I’ll be live here.

Should be fun.  Let’s see if Romney has the guts to confront Newt face to face with all the “crazy” talk being spread about Newt by Romney’s campaign, surrogates and supporters, and if he can do it successfully.  If not, he’s Tim Pawlenty.  I’m betting on Pawlenty.

The anti-Newt derangement not only has gone off the rails, it’s now intergalactic.  The former historian of the House, who Newt fired as one of his first acts as Speaker, has this to say:

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, Newt Gingrich is from the planet Trantor, a fictional world created by Isaac Asimov in his classic Foundation series about galactic empire.   Newt’s master plan for America does not come from a Republican Party playbook.  It comes from the science fiction that he read in high school.  He is playing out, on a national and global scale, dreams he had as a teenager with his nose buried in pulp fiction.

Back on planet Earth, Mark Levin (not a Newt supporter) sees exactly what is going on (via Protein Wisdom):

There’s only one way this country can be saved, with a conservative! And it’s high damn time that so-called conservative pundits, and conservative outlets, and conservative websites, and conservative magazines start acting their role! And I don’t just mean in their fundraising appeals, how conservative they are, but I mean use their intellectual power, use substance to support a conservative!

Romney is not a conservative. You’ve been going on and on about how Newt’s not a conservative. Great! So is the Weekly Standard going to endorse Santorum or Bachmann? Will National Review endorse Santorum or Bachmann? Will the Wall Street Journal editorial page, which has it’s own conservative problems with open borders and some other dumbass positions that it takes, will it be backing Santorum or Bachmann? Or are they all going to rally behind Romney? Now all of a sudden they want conservative purity when they apply it to Gingrich, but they don’t want conservative purity when they apply it to Romney.

Levin’s audio is here, you must listen particularly to his point about Romney’s hiding behind others to do his dirty work.