Interesting stuff:

  • Good neutral article about the 10 factors which could sink Newt in Iowa.  One of them was “Fox News Talkers.”  I guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed.  Coulter was on Hannity, O’Reilly, and apparently Red Eye singing the same Newt’s crazy tune.  Trying to track down the Red Eye video or transcript, apparently she used more over the top language than when she played the birther card Friday night.  (If anyone finds it, let me know.)  I think Newt can survive National Review and others, but if Fox News has turned on him, it will be tough.
  • 5 best war dogs.
  • Christopher Hitchens and Newt talking terrorism not long after 9/11 (Richocet via Instapundit).  Newt has a body of thoughtful interaction on a variety of subjects which is lacking in any other candidate running, which is not helping him as it give more targets to pick apart.  No one can say he sticks to predetermined, poll-tested talking points.
  • Liberal Democrats in Britain are fighing a proposed marriage tax break.  Figures.
  • 2003: Why Vaclav Havel is our era’s George Orwell and more.  2011: RIP.
  • More to follow.
  • Newt’s comments on the judiciary are going to be a problem for him because they are so easily misrepresented in a headline as “Newt wants judges arrested” or “Newt will ignore judicial decisions he doesn’t like.”  If you read his full white paper on it from his website, as well as listen to what he actually has said, his position is much more limited than it has been made to sound.  But I think the damage is done, it’s just a question of how much.


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