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Sunday night

Sunday night

Interesting stuff:

  • Good neutral article about the 10 factors which could sink Newt in Iowa.  One of them was “Fox News Talkers.”  I guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed.  Coulter was on Hannity, O’Reilly, and apparently Red Eye singing the same Newt’s crazy tune.  Trying to track down the Red Eye video or transcript, apparently she used more over the top language than when she played the birther card Friday night.  (If anyone finds it, let me know.)  I think Newt can survive National Review and others, but if Fox News has turned on him, it will be tough.
  • 5 best war dogs.
  • Christopher Hitchens and Newt talking terrorism not long after 9/11 (Richocet via Instapundit).  Newt has a body of thoughtful interaction on a variety of subjects which is lacking in any other candidate running, which is not helping him as it give more targets to pick apart.  No one can say he sticks to predetermined, poll-tested talking points.
  • Liberal Democrats in Britain are fighing a proposed marriage tax break.  Figures.
  • 2003: Why Vaclav Havel is our era’s George Orwell and more.  2011: RIP.
  • More to follow.
  • Newt’s comments on the judiciary are going to be a problem for him because they are so easily misrepresented in a headline as “Newt wants judges arrested” or “Newt will ignore judicial decisions he doesn’t like.”  If you read his full white paper on it from his website, as well as listen to what he actually has said, his position is much more limited than it has been made to sound.  But I think the damage is done, it’s just a question of how much.


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Ummnhhh…..’arrest’ Fed judges and bring them to court-of-star Congressional inquiries?

The man is mad.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to dad29. | December 18, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    That is if the courts do not arrest Congress members first. The wisconsin judges were not far off -had they won that bench spot , had they won more recalls then yes they would have served warrants.

    Picture this -within the rising advocacy of the American courts at all levels a court will move to arrest Congress . They already have usurped Congess & ruled on military mtters.O

    Picture this -Obama is already laying the base. Do Nothing Congress /Pass the American Jobs Bill /OWS.

    Might not happen but even I can see it as a possibility.

      I’m no fan of the BlackRobed Boyzzz in general.

      But the separation of powers dogma–despite its flaws–is much better than a Populist/Majoritarian dogma which G’rich seems to be pandering for with his “idea.”

      As we all should know, the format we have protects minorities from tyranny. I don’t think you’d prefer the alternative.

Coulter explained that zany was another way of saying Gingrich is crazy … “because he IS crazy”

But that’s just from memory, I forget what else she had to add … and she laughed a lot.

Ann’s Newt segment comments on Red Eye Friday … I (mostly) transcribed just her comments … Greg was more neutral, the other guest was more supportive of Newt … mentioning besides zany had also been called brilliant

Ann prefers Paul to Gingrich … thinks “he’s fantastic on domestic policy.” and doing nothing on foreign matters would be better than what Obama’s doing

“Zany … it’s a polite way of saying he’s crazy

No .. I’m telling you, it’s was polite way to say crazy, and it’s true, Newt Gingrich is crazy … ummm … ”

“We’re going to lose in a 1964 style landslide if these newbies to politics run Gingrich”

she mentions her coulter .com blistering piece .. “and all I do is site facts from him from the 90’s … and these people are jumping into politics, and they don’t know what happened the day before yesterday , He ISN”T a conservative.

of course I’ll support the Republican (if it were Newt) and we’ll go down in a 49 state landslide defeat

she agrees with Greg’s mention, if Newt is candidate, it would not be a referendum on Obama, but a referendum on Newt.

“what we need is a generic Republican, and generic Republican is Mitt … and other than Bachmann is most conservative”

to Greg … “at least you didn’t take 1.6 million from Freddie Mac”

Is Coulter in training to become a war dog? Nah, just funning, Maher wouldn’t allow his once and perhaps future squeeze to go into danger!

The institution of marriage is derivative from the natural order and forms the foundation of human society. The “liberals” offer incentives for unproductive and even deviant behaviors, while they punish productive behaviors. Figures, indeed.

Professor, thanks for the link to the Reason piece on Vaclav Havel.

Ed Morrissey:

Addendum: As commenters noted in the Headlines thread, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Barack Obama, Al Gore, and Yasser Arafat — but not to Vaclav Havel, who brought down a tyranny without ever firing a bullet. This should shower everlasting shame on the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Breaking news: Kim Jong Il has died

There is no one and I mean no one who will be able to really debate Obama in a toe to toe fashion. There is no perfect politician. The MSM will ALWAYS be rabid against the conservative. If the Republican elite in some messed up politically correct fashion statement make Romney the nominee, we are in four another four years of the ONE but he doesn’t have the stuff to make it. Didn’t work for McCain or Dole and won’t work for Romney either. Having a back bone matters especially in these tough times.

BannedbytheGuardian | December 19, 2011 at 1:12 am

There is a Newt & The Courts singsng going on over at Hotair. An extremely funny poster PUNCHENKO is driving them wild.

The intro is by that idiot Jazz Shaw so don’t bother but Punchenko has shone bright.


All this fun and games is ignoring the problem. Activist judges are still making laws and bypassing congress. The president is doing the same thing. Don’t forget congress is the body that represents the public. That’s you. Nevermind they are not shining examples or obeying the law. What can we do about it or will we do anything about it? At least Newt as brought it to the public’s attention. This is a no-no according to the dims. Activist judges are the path to get their agenda through. They’re making fun of Newt to water down his coments.

Whatever, this is a problem that will have to be addressed sometime in the future. if we have a future, that is. Right now, we are seeing a jockeying for power by all three branches of government. They’re all going as far as they can get away with. All the way from obama’s EOs, the Judiciary on who has standing or making laws on life or death of babies and congress making laws the Constitution plainly says they cannot do. Understand this, this usurption of power is undermining us. They are all in the business of jubjagating us one way or another.

Is Coulter now a paid shill for Romney or is she using this meme to get on TV more? Then again, she was so gung ho for Christie, who, btw, showed his true colors on the Ground Zero mosque issue and his appointment of a muslim to the NJ courts, maybe she is doing this as a favor for him. Maybe Chrisitie is angling for the VP slot as a short cut to the presidency in 2016 or 2020.

I used to like Coulter but every once in a while she goes off the reservstion into never-never land and espouses a non-conservative meme. The truth of the matter is that she is in the business to sell her books and that is what it is all about. She makes provocative statements to get a rise out of everybody and her name in the news and on the blogs. There is no such thing as bad ublicity. She’s really very good at this.

If Newt sinks to far to “electable” and we want to circumvent Mittsie , who to get behind of the remaining standing?