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Sioux City Debate Tweets of Night

Sioux City Debate Tweets of Night

Here is my selection of the Tweets of the Night:


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I don’t know how to tweet. But if I did, I’d say something like:

“Ron Paul, Poster Boy for Old Geezers Who Should Know Much, Much, Much Better.”

Santorum took a gratuitous first swipe at Gingrich, and later blathered pretext about “vetting”.

Bachmann looked lovely, spoke well, and succeeded in pissing me off. Someone needs to sit her down and teach her how to play team sports.

Ron Paul managed to transmogrify into a crackpot.

Huntsman waved his hands and finger around unconnected with his rehearsed talking points, which were, as usual, on autopilot.

Romney did decently, but he reminds me of Scar in “Lion King”. Something in his demeanor and the way he does not directly address questions sometimes also reminds me of Obama. Insincere.

The moderators had well-researched questions but again did not conduct the thing as a debate. It was more like speed interviewing (like speed dating).

Collectively, everyone did good anti-Obama. But enough with the “vetting” excuses already. Arguing about who is more pro-life or more conservative is hardly the sort of vetting that will accomplish anything in a general election.

I thought at least half the questions were terrible. Too reporter-centric. “What are you going to do with your campaign? How do you feel about being accused? Blah blah blah.” Yank Chris Wallace off the stage. Why is FOX worse than CNN on these debates? Worst so far. Well, maybe second-worst.

I thought it was a big waste of time…but I love that last Tweet about Iran 🙂

Hey William I’ve come around to your way of thinking on Newt. I registered because I wanted to give you some of my (I think special) recent points / or my comments from elsewhere, to perhaps help you with any proNewt antiMitt posts you do in the future. So I’m just going to put em here. Sorry, a bit long, but worth it?

Also, anyone can cut and paste or whatever, and refer to any of my points if they wish.

Tony Blankley’s “Newt’s Past and Future Leadership” is a good tribute to Newts management, leadership & lifelong achievement.

1/ I’m for GA Newt with a 90% Lifetime ACU rating! There’s a lot of opposition (or lib MSM) trumped up bs (at best hyperbole) on Newt. Review your dvr, and take a re-listen to his 1st response in the debate.

In listening to Newt’s own words the attacks that he is ‘zany’ or ‘can’t manage’ or is ‘wildly visionary’ simply evaporate.

2/ That’s what Romney did to Huckabee. Relentless glitzy tv-based & false character attacks. Huckabee was pissed.

3/ The danger is MA Mitt’s self-admitted ‘mildly’ progressive / moderate / non-Reaganite / non-partisan (!!) views will win out. That, believe it or not, he is telling the truth, giving an unwanted twist on Obamacare and possible Souter-like judges. Esp. since his abortion flips brightly show that his ‘word’ is not to be taken literally, my worry:

Romney would be a John Anderson (LIBERAL) type president

So… be “safe” with Newt.

4/ Newt has a 90% Lifetime ACU Rating.

A video (“I’m a Theodore Roosevelt Republican”) is shown to try to make him look like some kind of leftist nut. That’s really a stretch and a half. All he’s saying is that sometimes govt has a (limited) role to play. This is normal!

Stop killing off our own!

5/ OK, keep it way simple.

MA Mitt is a self-described ‘moderate’, at best a ‘mildly progressive’ tinkerer. GA Newt has a (the 10 point) plan to straight out eliminate Obamacare, and boldly push back intrusive out of control govt.

[note: Newt still needs a more concise / spearheaded type message, as Perry’s message {he is “the outsider who will overhaul govt”}, so someone get to it!]

+ a reply, this not me: Romney represents the old Republican party of north east elitists…the same old has beens….the new Republican party doesnot want a north east RINO……

6/ What gets me is to see MA Mitt wild mudslinging against Newt, when it was Newt that was a footsoldier in the Reagan revolution — while all the Mitt was putting Reagan down.

7/ ‘We Nominate Milquetoast Moderates And We Lose’ –Rush Limbaugh

Mitt’s McCainesque assertion that he won’t go after [say anything ‘incendiary’ about] Obama spells defeat. And irritation.

Worse, mark my word, Obama with his billion$, in a character assassination, will play the ’94 & ’02 Romney pro-choice clips ad nauseam. This will deeply repel all voters. What is shocking is the GHWB ‘read my lips’ intensity in which Mitt espoused choice. To go back on his word just a couple of years later shows that his “word” is good for zilch. Indeed, we ourselves cannot fully trust Mr. Romneycare to sign the repeal of you guessed it. Imagine “I really felt that way on the campaign trail… but when faced with the prospect of real lives being affected, I couldn’t sign the repeal.”

lol, a reply: yup … *sigh”

8/ PERRY. I like Perry’s message, but he hasn’t resolved the immigration issue. He is against essential E-Verify. Plus, his own words: “[after something]… only then can we begin a legitimate conversation about immigration reform (amnesty?).”

Immigration trumps all, unfortunately. If we don’t deal with it, before long, this country, and it’s constitution, are going to be thrown out. Because there’s a new population.

So one of the “tweets of the night” was a personal swipe at Perry, huh? Stay classy my friend.