One of the conspiracy theories floating around the comment section here and elsewhere was that Michele Bachmann served as the attack dog against everyone but Romney in the hope of gaining a VP nod.

The speculation was fueled by Bachmann’s relentless and often inaccurate attacks on everyone who rose to be the lead challenger to Romney, first Pawlenty, then Perry, then Cain, and most recently Newt.  Yet Romney was spared the wrath of Bachmann, other than the “Newt Romney” line.

According to Ed Rollins, who Bachmann used to go after Sarah Palin, Bachmann deliberately stayed away from attacking Romney, via Politico (h/t Snookdoodle Wizbang in the Tip Line):

She repeatedly passed up opportunities to ding Mitt Romney in  the debates — a product, Rollins said, of preserving her options for sharing a  ticket with him.

“There was some talk early on between her and her husband that she could end  up as the vice presidential nominee,” Rollins said.

Sometimes conspiracy theories are right.  Unless, of course, you believe that Rollins is part of an anti-Bachmann conspiracy.

But since Rollins confirms what was obvious, I’ll take his word on this one.


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