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Pro-Romney bloggers’ attacks on Newt in one unfinished sentence

Pro-Romney bloggers’ attacks on Newt in one unfinished sentence

From NRO to The Washington Examiner to the Romneyquest WaPo blogger, Newt’s record is being picked over and criticized by Romney supporters as not sufficiently or consistently conservative.

I’ll save you the trouble of reading the critiques, as they can be summarized in one sentence the critics never seem to finish:

You can’t vote for Newt, he’s as big a flip-flopping RINO as, um, er ….”


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Well Prof… As I predicted the flogging of Newt has begun and you can only expect it to increase exponentially from here on out.

It may not be fair but it’s life in politics, especially the dirty tricks department.

When Newt falls from “grace,” the remaining hopefuls will leave little to be inspired by…

Newt has wizened up enough to what matters to at least be mouthing the right words about the sorry state of our governance. Romney was simply hoping to slide by without committing to much of anything lest he offend his ruling class cronies.

Hypocrisy is the lamest charge. Everyone is a hypocrite for some things if you look deep enough. The difference is how significant those items are.

I wrote off NRO several years ago because of the port and Harriet Meyers affairs. I really don’t understand why these so-called right news outlets are doing the left’s work for them. Do they seriousy think the left won’t use these talking points against the eventual nominee whoever he is? Maybe these so-called right news outlets are in the tank for the repubican establishment and thus in the tank for the dims or at least the status quo. Romney would be a disaster as the nominee. Most conservatives don’t like him or his record and many would not vote for him.

Henry Hawkins | December 2, 2011 at 2:56 pm

Sure are a lot of naked emperors out there, eh?

“…to the Romneyquest WaPo blogger”.

Gee, I wonder if that refers to the one I removed from my Google reader for trashing anyone who deigned to challenge Romney. That blogger, of course, is the no longer esteemed, Jennifer Rubin.

Here’s a somewhat different perspective of Gingrich which appears to nail it pretty well…

A good read…