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Preview of Michele Bachmann’s attack on Newt tonight

Preview of Michele Bachmann’s attack on Newt tonight

“This is from the heart, we love you here, we love you.”

What more can I say?


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Amazing how self-interest changes one’s perspective. Again, as in picking Rollins or praising Keillor (the one comedian who has publicly said she’s incompetent and an embarrassment), this doesn’t show Rep. Bachmann’s current judgment in a particularly good light.

I cannot think of another person who has done themselves more harm in this primary than Michelle Bachmann – and I used to really like her. I don’t care if she has conservative values, I don’t care if she is Tea party to the core.

I now think she has very poor judgement and I really dislike the way she has tried to boost her numbers by attacking other Republican candidates. I hope she crashes and burns so bad that she is never considered for another national office ever again.

She hasn’t learned that duplicity trumps one’s positions no matter how aligned they may be with conservative values.

I would bet that one can find lots of clips from Newt’s opponents that show praise like this one. Maybe Newt should make a TV commercial(s) that is a collection of such clips. You know, stay positive.

DINORightMarie | December 15, 2011 at 4:16 pm

Renaissance man. I like it!

If only the candidates would keep this type of perspective on their rivals…….exposing the flaws and foibles, the record and associations – i.e. vetting the candidates – is essential; but do it in a way that is not a personal, visceral attack. The dirty handed attacks are not helping Republicans at all; people are turned off by this.

Hopefully it will all shake out. Michele Bachmann should watch that clip and voice those sentiments again; it just might boost her numbers!!

We can forget that before accepting the VP slot, Joe Biden was running against Obama in the primary, and so, there are plenty of clips of Biden badmouthing Obama. This is a very common phenomenon in politics, particularly when one of a pair of conflicting statements occurred during an election campaign. There are myriad clips of governors and mayors on stages uttering kind words and warm welcomes through clenched teeth about a visiting president you know they detest to the core. Only in politics is a skill for two-faced hypocrisy an important tool in one’s kit.

Excellent clip.